Top 10 600cc Supersport bikes

Visordown presents the Top 10 secondhand supersport bikes

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By Visordown on Thu, 6 May 2010 - 04:05

The revvy little 600's are known for their no frills fun and with good reason, they're proper quick at an affordable price. We look at some of the big secondhand sellers.

Sports 600 buying advice:

  • These bikes are big sellers so there’s a colossal amount of choice when buying used.  Don’t buy the first bike you see, no matter how tempting. There’ll be plenty more if you miss that one and probably cleaner machines or better deals.
  • Do your homework. Sporty 600s tend to get updated every two years and these can make substantial differences. Be wary of older bikes registered on later plates.
  • Rough ‘uns. Plenty of these will have seen track or even race use, have been crashed, stolen, neglected or covered big miles. It’s almost always worth paying a bit more for a really nice example and as they’re so common finding one shouldn’t be difficult.
  • Do a data check. do a comprehensive check for a bargain £3.95 which lets you know if a bike’s been written off, stolen, has outstanding finance and more.
  • Use the lingo. Words like ‘clean’, ‘honest’ and ‘straight’ will make salesmen think you’re more clued up than ‘shiny’, ‘not bodged’ or ‘not crashed’. You CAN bullshit a bullshitter!

Tuning tips:

  • Lower gearing. Fit two different sprockets – one tooth larger at the rear, one smaller at the front and gain acceleration / wheelie ability at the loss of a little top end. Most will need a gizmo to correct the speedo. 
  • Suspension re-work. Forks should have new oil every two years and fork springs every four. Most original shocks are well past their best by 20,000 miles. £500 or so should get you a new shock plus the front end overhauled by a pro. It’s not cheap but it’ll transform the bike.  
  • The right tyres. Old or worn tyres ruin handling. Get a new set of sporty road or even sports touring rubber and your bike will feel great. Only go for the stickier options if you’re going to do a lot of track days.
  • Full exhaust? A complete system is not cheap (reckon £600++) and you’ll probably need a Power Commander and possibly a custom map too so don’t reckon on much change from a grand. It’s a lot of dosh for not much more go and barely worth it unless you’re a perfectionist. Fit and end can for a quarter the price if you want more noise.

Owned a 600? Disagree with our top 10? Then leave a comment below.

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