10 Crimes against motorcycle fashion

Motorcyclists spend a lot of money and effort on looking good, but there is a small minority who tarnish the coolness by wearing ridiculous gear. Here are 10 fashion don’ts…

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Submitted by rgo on Thu, 12/08/2010 - 11:10

10. Sunglasses under full-face helmets

I understand where the inspiration for this comes from, yes the sun glare is a hindrance and the people that wear this combo obviously feel uncertain about wearing naughty black visors, but the only helmet that it is acceptable to wear sunglasses with are open face helmets, like this handsome rogue. I know it’s easier to carry a pair of sunglasses, I’m only trying to pass on my fashion knowledge and keep you looking good.

09. Fleece over top of one piece leathers

The fastest man in the paddock is ALWAYS wearing a fleece over his one-piece leathers. And he's usually on a GSX-R too. We understand it's cold and we know you're in leathers but man-up! Nothing says 'liability' on a trackday more than the bloke revving his engine in pit lane, wearing a fleece over his leathers, all arms and elbows as he makes his way out onto the track...

08. Long Way Round gear with matching GS

If the journey is across a Bolivian rainforest then the attraction of this adventure gear is somewhat plausible. But the likelihood is that the closest this gear will ever come to nature is passing the park on the commute to a city job! Admittedly Ewan is a dashing gentleman who can be seen in the heart's of wives and in aftershave adverts but in reality you’re not him and as adventurer Lois Pryce points out, it’s unnecessary.

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