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What luggage type

Never been touring before? Never left the UK? Here are the basics

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By Visordown on Mon, 19 Jun 2017 - 01:06

Suitcase or trunk?

First time long-haulers may not want to splash out on full hard luggage yet, but a surprising amount can be packed into a tailpack and tankbag, even a small, sports bike-friendly one. Some riders swear by tankbags, others at them, especially at speed and over distance. If in doubt, road test a fully loaded one on a motorway near home before heading away. At the least a tank-mounted map pocket is handy for route plans, toll tickets and loose change.

Use a piece of non-slip grip mat under tailpacks to protect paintwork and help keep them in place. With all soft luggage – tankbags, tailpacks and especially throwovers – always, always follow the manufacturer’s fitting instructions.

Some riders are happy with rucksacks, others aren’t. Many can be a pain if worn all day. If you ride a sports bike you can wear a rucksack and use a tailpack as you’re leant forward while on the move; if you’re sat more upright, the two may interfere and be very uncomfortable.

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