How to photograph like a pro

Under the guidance of a professional snapper learn the dark art of taking a really good picture...

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By Visordown on Tue, 3 Jan 2012 - 10:01

Want to know how to take a magazine-quality picture of your mate or yourself looking good on a bike rather than a shambling, blurry mess?

According to Oli Tennent, who takes loads of the photographs that appear in motorcycle magazines, modern digital cameras are more than up to the job of taking decent pictures, “Taking a good photo is 80% the person behind the camera, 20% the actual kit.”

Here is a breakdown of five types of common shots. One fast cornering, one kneedown, one fast panning, a static picture and a wheelie. The kind of pictures that you see in magazines and on this website all the time would be great to show off to your mates with.

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