Five of the best big scooters

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Submitted by Ben Cope on Mon, 23/05/2011 - 15:35

No. 5 - Yamaha T-Max 500

It might be a midget compared to the biggest scooter in this line-up but the T-Max boasts all the best features of a maxi-scoot; a large 499cc engine in a sporty chassis with decent wind-protection and great off-the-line punch. It's 800mm seat height isn't the lowest in this class but is lower than most motorcycles. With a weight of 221kg this Yamaha scoot is around the same weight as the equivalent engined motorcycle and lighter than most of the maxi-scooters listed here. The T-Max accessories list is as long as a bus, so you'll be able to customise it to suit your exacting needs. It's worth noting it doesn't feature ABS as standard and retails at £8,299 new.

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