Fit for purpose: The Wall of Death Motorcycle

The average road bike does a bit of everything. But there are machines in the biking world designed to do one job only. Pure specialists if you will. These are the bikes...

Posted: 20 October 2010
by Bertie Simmonds

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1926 Indian Scout

"This machine is over 80 years old, but it's interesting to wonder what's actually original! When you first ride this bike it's awful. Rigid, uncomfortable and different to anything else you've ever ridden, but when you take it on the wall for the first time you wouldn't anything else up there. It's perfect. We've tried converted BSAs and stuff with mock springs on the front to make them look 'traditional' but they weren't up to the job like the Indian. One addition you can't miss is the tassled seat fringes - a must for any respecting Wall of Death bike! You've so much low-down bottom-end in the motor to keep going around and around the wall as well which is a bonus. I first saw The Wall done at the Dorset Steam Fair and thought 'I'd love to have a go!' I'd done some motocross before, but that was about it. Nothing comes close to the feeling of going around The Wall for the first time. It's a magical experience."

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