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Want simple hands free communication whilst riding?

Choose carefully what suits you and your budget best

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By on Tue, 18 Jun 2013 - 10:06

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Make sure you choose the bike communications system that suits why, how and where you ride

I love nothing more than jumping on my bike, getting in the zone and concentrating on the open road. It’s a great opportunity to switch off from the constant chatter and communication of the 21st Century. However, the reality is that sometimes this idealistic bubble has to be broken, as it’s not always the most practical answer particularly when going on a long journey or riding with a passenger.

Motorcycle communication systems are a vital part of any biker’s kit for a number of reasons. The most common one being communication with your passenger. My girlfriend and I often go on trips around the Peak District, being able to talk to each other whilst on these longer journeys is absolutely vital, particularly if I want to avoid being punched in the ribs anytime she wants to take a break! Our system also acts as an entertainment system, which allows us to listen to
our favourite tracks from iTunes as we travel. The great thing about this is that as soon as one of us needs to speak the music volume lowers so we don’t have to shout above Rage Against the Machine!

During the week, I’m often hopping on and off my bike to go and visit clients. It’s essential that I’m easily contactable during this time, whether it’s to let someone know I’m stuck in traffic or to respond to urgent business matters. The integrated phone system enables me to take calls whilst on my bike, keeping me connected with work even while I’m riding. The system I chose connects directly to my smartphone and my GPS system, I certainly find I get lost a lot less often these days, much to the relief of all my colleagues!

For years now my mates and I have been talking about taking a motorcycle road trip in Europe, our plans are finally coming to fruition as we’ve finally organized our tour through the Swiss Alps. To say I’m excited would be an understatement, this is where my motorcycle communication system is really going to come into it’s own. Our Bluetooth system will allow us to talk to each other during our journey, we can link up to our GPS and listen to an awesome sound track as we ride past the mountains.

For most motorcyclists, deciding whether to go for a Bluetooth system or wired is a pretty tricky one to make. Both options can be beneficial for completely different situations and if you’re anything like me and are on your bike a great deal you don’t want to compromise or spend double having to buy both. You want a system, which combines the use and portability of a Bluetooth, with the great dependency and connectivity of wired. I’m pretty chuffed with the system I settled upon, it does everything I need and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg either. If you want to check it out take a look here.

So now I’m all set up with my communication system all I have to do now is choose my Swiss Alps playlist, oh and I guess I better pack some thermals too!

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