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Hitting the road for the first time?

Here are a few reasons why a moped may be the vehicle for you

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By The Bike Insurer on Fri, 15 Jun 2012 - 10:06

For most people, having the freedom to hit the road with their own vehicle is an absolute must. Being able to travel independently wherever you choose is an important and integral part of daily life, but it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially if you are young and just starting out.

There are many questions to be asked, such as; ‘Which vehicle should I go for?’ ‘How much would moped insurance cost?’ ‘Where do I even start?!’ Well, to answer the first question, many young people choose a moped as their first vehicle, primarily because it is relatively cheap to run (certainly when compared to a car), easy to handle and cheaper to insure than most other vehicles. It also gives you an insight into road safety and responsibility, especially if you have never had experience with another vehicle on the road.

A moped is similar to a motorcycle, but its maximum speed does not exceed 31mph and its engine capacity is no bigger than 50cc; that means it isn’t as powerful as a larger motorcycle, perfect for when you’re just getting used to vehicle handling.

By law, you can hold a provisional moped licence from 16 years old. This entitles you to ride a moped with L-Plates but you must not carry any pillion passengers. Before you slap on those L-Plates though, you must complete your CBT, or Compulsory Basic Training, which teaches you the basic skills needed to be safe on the road. Once that’s completed, you then have two years to pass your theory and practical tests and hey presto, you’re a fully-fledged moped rider!

Licence in hand, the next step to moped nirvana is to find some moped insurance to ensure you’re road-worthy. The internet is definitely the best place to start your search. With countless insurers out there ready to give you a quote, a comparison website can narrow down your options and will let you cater your policy to suit your needs. A quick search is certain to result in a cheap moped insurance quote to be proud of!

So, you have your licence and you have your moped insurance. There’s just one more thing to do before you hit the road and that is choosing the right gear to keep you safe. The first thing to think about is your helmet. Some quality headgear is a must, not to mention the law! Once you’ve decided on the style you’re after (because of course, that’s important too!) make sure it complies with the British Standard and you’re good to go. You should also consider investing in some quality goggles, boots and visibility aids so that if you’re driving when it’s dark, other road users will easily spot you.

Most importantly, understanding the importance of road awareness and being considerate of other road users is the best way to stay safe and avoid accidents. That way, you will be free to hit the open road on your moped for years to come!

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