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Under the hammer: Visordown guide to auctions
Visordown’s guide to bidding at auction

05 September 2007 at 22:44

GSX-R750 K7 - A bike for Modern Britain
A bike so different it's almost identical to everything else

16 August 2007 at 15:55

Hogan's Heroes: California Superbike School
John Hogan learns the twist of the wrist at the California Superbike School

02 August 2007 at 14:54

Freddie Spencer: the greatest of all time?
Visordown looks back at America's finest

20 July 2007 at 19:50

Suzuki B-King: John Reynold's view
Ex-BSB champion gives his views on Suzuki's new monster

05 July 2007 at 17:40

TT Century: 100 Years of the Tourist Trophy
Begun as a harsh test of production machinery, the TT's 100 years of history are about more than mere motorcycles. The story is of the men who rode them, and the greatest racing tales ever told

13 May 2007 at 12:36

TT Centenary: Learner, Steve Plater
BSB hero Steve Plater faces his first ever TT this June, so he's turning to the experts for some priceless inside circuit knowledge. Jon Bentman went along for the ride

13 May 2007 at 12:17

TT Centenary: Legends on Legends
Many of the TT's biggest names have been taken from us, either on the Island or by other means. So here, an appreciation of three TT legends by those who knew them the better than most

13 May 2007 at 12:00

TT Centenary: Mad King Molyneux
In 2006 11-times TT winner Dave Molyneux flipped his outfit at over 140mph. He promptly retired. But this year he's back for win number 12

13 May 2007 at 11:54

TT Centenary: 100 years on the gas
The TT is more than just a hairy, scary motorcycle race. It's a celebration of biking, an island-bound two-wheeled world where nothing else matters but motorcycling

13 May 2007 at 11:46

Motorcycle Theft - There for the taking
"Brand new R1, one stupid owner, free to anyone with bolt croppers and a van..." Bike theft isn't going away, but things are changing - and you can at least do something about it

06 May 2007 at 13:44

Vertigo - Enduro Himalaya
The boundaries of modern motorcycle tours have been pushed back again, as Enduro Himalaya gives you the chance to ride the most incredible mountain peaks in the world

06 March 2007 at 12:28

The story of the Honda CBR600 (1987 to 2007)
When doomsday comes, history will only record one motorcycle in the all-time hall of fame: the CBR600. Now in its 20th year, we chart the success of a biking icon

06 February 2007 at 11:10

Riding the Weston Beach Race
The Weston Beach Race is gnarly. Always cold and wet, it's three miles of knee-deep sand and 1000 dirt bike loons. For three hours. Hogan the Innocent thought he stood a chance...

06 January 2007 at 10:51

Would you buy a bike off this man?
Selling bikes - like shooting fish in a barrel. But have you ever tried shooting fish in a barrel? Enter Luke Ponsford and his Browning Prestige 28" (over and under). Fish: 4 Luke: 0

06 January 2007 at 10:40

Simon Daukes buys a naked motorcycle
Here at Visordown HQ we have no idea who Simon Daukes is. But we're guessing he's some sort of marketing cheese from the Haymarket days. Here he is, buying a motorcycle. Allegedly

01 January 2007 at 17:20

Weird Weekends: BSB with the Rizla squad
There is no 'i' in 'team', but there are four in 'freeloading, indolent bike journalist'. Ponsford joins the Rizla Suzuki BSB squad for the 2006 championship's last hurrah

29 December 2006 at 14:29

Readers Rides: Lap of Sussex
Andy Gray works as an IT consultant in central London and commutes on a Buell X1 Lightning. This is his favourite summer run to escape the rat race and take in the delights of the south coast

30 October 2006 at 17:18

Weird Weekend's - Rock Idol
James Toseland: Racing hero, rock star. Luke Ponsford: Not bad with a guitar. For one night only, Visordown joins Toseland and his band Crash on stage. Let's rock!

01 October 2006 at 10:32

John Reynolds - Retirement Plans
After 20 years of racing, John Reynolds is now watching bike racing from the safe side of the fence. We ask the BSB legend about his career-ending crash, retirement, his plans for the future and what it's like not to be racing bikes for a living

22 September 2006 at 16:28

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