2014 Kawasaki Z1000SX: the rivals

It's Kawasaki’s best-seller. That doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

Posted: 29 October 2013
by Visordown

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It’s Kawasaki’s best-selling UK model, and we can see why. The Z1000SX is a genuine sports tourer, as ready for a weekend in the south of France as a track day. It probably also helps that Kawasaki has few offerings in the high-selling sub-125cc sector.

But the Z1000SX is by no means peerless. Here’s our rundown of other machines to consider.

Kawasaki Z1000SX specs

Engine: 1043cc in-line four

Weight: 230kg wet (231kg with ABS)

Power: 140hp

Price: £9,299 (£9,699 with ABS)

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I have a sprint st 1050 and its brilliant,But i would consider the kawasaki its looks great and has plenty of go,The honda is too expensive,The triumph is a bargain but a bit old hat now and imo the others are a bit bland

Posted: 29/10/2013 at 19:11

No wonder it's the best seller, the others on show here all look like like crap

Posted: 30/10/2013 at 10:34

Massive fan of these, and they look fantastic in black too!

Posted: 30/10/2013 at 14:57

Fazer lacks a proper fairing.
BMW is underpowered.
Honda is for those who have given up.
Triumph is good, but a tad outdated and probably looks naff once the panniers come off.

The key to the Z1000SX's appeal is that it looks like a sports bike, then you stick some good looking, body-matched panniers on it, twist the preload dial, and it becomes a capable tourer. Until someone matches this two-bikes-in-one concept, it's going to be way out in front.

Posted: 30/10/2013 at 15:05

After 15 years of GSXR's. I've just bought a 54 FZS1000 Fazer and it's a keeper. I can't see me buying another bike. EVER. I really liked my mates Z1000SX when we went to the TT this year, but realistically I haven't got a cat-in-hells-chance of raising £10k to spend on a bike. Due to an accident compo claim pay out, I went for the bike I've lusted after for years - spotless, only 8k miles on the clocks, and only £2,800. We'll have both the Yam and the Kwaka on a real world back-to-back test at this years TT :-)

Posted: 30/10/2013 at 18:45

I have just ordered a Z1000SX. I currently have a 61 plate Yam Fazer 800, which has, and still is a good bike.
A couple of my mates have the 2013 Z1 model and I liked them.
With the upgrades they have added, I ordered one as soon as I saw it in the flesh.
I looked at all the usual suspects like the Triumph 1050, and the Fazer 1000, but they are looking a little 'old' now.
Can't wait to get my hands on it, even though it won't get a great deal of use over the coming months!

Posted: 02/11/2013 at 18:05

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