Badger's tails: Pirelli to monopolise British Supe

The Badger hears a tyre-related bit of BSB gossip

Posted: 20 July 2006
by The Badger

Welsh tyre manufacturer Pirelli (pronounced Pirethli) - not content with pissing on everyone's chips in WSB is apparently manouvering itself for a similar slam dunk monopoly on BSB for 2007.

Whispers in the paddock at Knockhill suggest that the red and yellow company will be doing all they can to oust the yellow and black and the blue and yellows from the paddock for next season.

'Rob Mac' - pushing for a Pirethli deal?

A one-make Pirelli tyre deal for BSB in 2007 - should it happen - will cause an untold level of rumpus and knicker wetting. HRC, not noted for their joy de vivre or sense of humour will be quite cross, as will several other teams with similar free tyre deals and rider win bonuses from rival tyre manufacturers.

Badger's tip? Slap a tenner on Pirethli man Tommy Hill now. At 50:1 he's definitely worth a flutter - especially after all the factory teams pull out in protest.

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