1997 Suzuki GS500e, Hagon shock, Motad exhaust system, 28,000 miles, year's MOT

28000 miles

Reliable, economical, cheap to run and insure, perfect for commuting, great for new riders, handles lovely with the suspension upgrades. I've used it happily for touring - just a great all round bike. I have made some changes to the exhaust, suspension, brakes, handlebars, and fairing, which make it much better than standard. Best "winter hack" on the market at the moment, or an excellent first bike!

I'm looking for £695 but I will consider offers, so try me, don't be shy!

*** I can refit the standard exhaust system and shock absorber, keep the stainless system and Hagon shock and knock £200 off the price if you so desire! ***

A lot of bike for the money, description as follows:

about 28,000 miles (clocks are in km)

MOT until September 2013 (advisory on rear tyre close to limit)

UK road tax until 01/04/2013 (will be declared SORN when I cancel my insurance policy on Friday 5th October - see note at bottom of ad)

Swiss road tax until July 2013 (this will save you £40 if you go to/through Switzerland before then, but if you're not going there's no need to renew this)

some receipts/invoices and service history, almost all of which is from my time of owning it since spring 2010, including a near-£500 professional servicing in summer 2011 to get it ready for my first European journey


cheap insurance (£80 a year TPFT, 26 years old, 9 years no claims)

60 miles per gallon

Bridgestone "Battlax" tyres, the best tyres for the GS500, rear worn but front one is still good

new front forks (March 2012)

stainless steel front brake lines (March 2012) (I have the rear lines but haven't yet fitted them, they will be included in sale)

larger front caliper from 2008 GS500F (March 2012)

new front brake pads (March 2012)

Hagon rear shock absorber (June 2012) makes a massive difference to the handling (worth £300 new, can sell without at lower price, see above)

Motad "Nexxus" full stainless-steel exhaust system fitted (June 2012) (worth £336 new, can sell without, see above)

Renthal high-rise bars (July 2012) give much more comfortable position than the standard bars

new steering head bearings (July 2012) fitted by a professional bike mechanic

new rev counter cable (August 2012)

new air filter (September 2012)

valve clearances checked last month (all fine)

good chain and sprockets (new in September 2011)

Included in sale: Klymer workshop manual, PDF of Suzuki service manual, 2x ignition keys + 1x fuel key, standard exhaust, standard rear shock, and some spares (bulbs, new oil filter + gasket, 2x new unused spark plugs, used OEM air filter that can be cleaned and reused, new stainless steel brake line and banjo bolts for rear brake, anything else I can find)


tatty paint

mismatched front mudguard

rust spots on tank

weld on a crossbar of the frame at front which had rusted (see photo; bike has passed MOT twice and covered thousands of miles since this was done, it's a good job by a professional, handling is unaffected)

uses a little oil (though I'm told they all do)

seat lock needs replacing (it works fine, but the cable is disconnected and can't reconnect to lock - you just have to pull it)

rear tyre close to limit as mentioned above

I bought this bike in 2010 and have spent over a grand on making it good again. I've ridden it to Italy and back twice in the last year - two of the pictures show the bike at the Col du Lautaret in France and the St Gotthard Pass in Switzerland - so it is a reliable, decent machine.

I'm selling it due to purchasing a sportier bike and not having the funds to run and insure two bikes.

About the tax: since the law change in 2011, you have to have insurance if you have road tax, and I will need to use all my no claims bonus to afford to insure my new bike. So, if this Suzuki isn't gone by the time I need to cancel its insurance policy to get my NCB freed up for the new one, I will also have to cancel the tax and declare the GS500 on SORN. This will be this Friday, October 5th.

Questions welcome, viewing recommended, AA/RAC inspections welcome! Call me on 07717221196 or email me.

Test rides are available as long as you put £700 in cash in my hand, accept that if you break it you've bought it, and provide a full licence and proof of insurance.



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