Wife vs. Motorcycle

Agony Aunt to the rescue

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Submitted by Ben Cope on Mon, 11/06/2012 - 09:40

I spotted this column on the Chicago Sun Times and it made me chuckle. I'm pretty sure every couple goes through something similar when one of them gets the motorcycle bug..

Dear Abby: My husband, “Chris,” wanted a motorcycle for seven years. Last year I finally gave in, with the stipulation that he take a safety course and buy a good helmet and riding gear.
Two months later, Chris was in a crash and suffered several broken bones and a concussion. The hospital bill was more than $60,000.

His accident was a reality check for me. Ever since, I have been petrified of losing him.

I have begged him to get rid of the bike. The stress is taking a toll on me physically and emotionally and creating tension between us.

I’m afraid it would be selfish to insist he get rid of something he loves; on the other hand, I feel Chris is selfish for not taking my feelings into consideration. I’m torn between wanting him safe and wanting him to be happy. What should I do?

Yours, Stressed Out in Philly

Dear Stressed Out: If his close call wasn’t enough to convince your husband to rethink his motorcycle riding, and your begging and obvious distress haven’t dissuaded him, accept that short of hog-tying Chris, you can’t stop him from riding.

Chalk another one up for a life on two wheels!

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