Spa, onboard, at pace..

Take a lap of Spa with serious commitment thanks to Xavier Simeon

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Submitted by Ben Cope on Thu, 12/01/2012 - 09:46

Earlier this week we revised the 2012 MotoGP calendar and included Spa on the list. Yes, we know the chances of MotoGP going to Spa are thinner than a steam-rolled Supermodel but we like the thought of MotoGP going there.

Check out this video of FIM 2009 World Superstock champion, Xavier Simeon, onboard a Honda CBR600RR, putting in a scorcher of a lap.

Would you like to see MotoGP at Spa? Do you think if they extended the run-off then riders would be happy to ride there?

Vid supplied to us by Ian Wheeler, thanks Ian!

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