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Elvis' Harley

The King's wheels

rgo's picture
Submitted by rgo on Thu, 16/08/2012 - 16:27

Today (August 16) it's exactly 35 years since Elvis died (or didn't, depending on your beliefs on the matter) so we thought we'd mark the moment with this – Elvis Presley's own 1956 Harley-Davidson.

Elvis is so inextricably linked to Harleys that he's even become subject of an endlessly-circulating internet myth. You know, the one where a guy finds an old Harley for a few bucks, starts to restore it and discovers an 'Elvis' inscription under the seat. He goes on to sell it for a fortune to Harley, or Jay Leno, or whoever the bike-loving millionaire of the moment might be.

No, that story isn't true (although it's been published as fact more than once in the past). But this picture really is Elvis' Harley – a 1956 KH that he bought in Memphis for $903, just as he was on the verge of superstardom. How do we know it's real? Because it lives in Harley-Davidson's museum, along with an impeccable paper-trail of provenance including the original receipt.

Elvis owned countless Harleys over the years. He used to give them away to friends and acquaintances. So one day, maybe, that old myth will happen for real...

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