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David Beckham does the macho biker look...

...and fails spectacularly

MF's picture
Submitted by MF on Tue, 22/03/2011 - 09:37

That august body of work, the Daily Mail, are running some pap shots of David Beckham riding the streets of Malibu, California on what appears to be a high powered motorcycle, possibly capable of attaining speeds approaching one hundred miles per hour.

Their informed scribes have taken the peculiar angle of chastising him for committing what they see as a fashion faux pas - viz, the extremely effected bandana in his back pocket. Or handkerchief, as their correspondent notes.

We'll forgive him the bandana - even if it is a tad pink - but we won't allow him to get away with the artificially aged £700 Ruby open face helmet. What's he done? Spent all night with a compass scratching the paint randomly?

Becks, have a word... surely that's the action of a fifteen year-old?

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