4'10" and riding a GSX-R600

...do riders of 'big' bikes come any shorter?

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Submitted by Ben Cope on Fri, 28/09/2012 - 15:29

In the distance was a GSX-R600 riding itself. As I got closer, I realised it was actually being ridden by a small person. A very small person. A very very small person.

I pulled up next to them at the lights and said "How tall are you?!" to which the lady riding the bike replied "Short!" and then she said: "I'm 4 foot 10 inches". "Respect" I yelled as the lights changed.

I thought I'd write about it as I've met loads of shorter riders who - rightly- lament the lack of bikes available to them. They don't want a heavy cruiser, nor do they want a 125.

A GSX-R600 is a proper bike.

I didn't get time to ask the 4'10" lady about her bike, but it had been lowered and she was wearing huge platform biker boots. I guess the rear shock's linkage has been altered and the spring rate and preload adjusted too but if proves it can be done.

Shorties: go and buy a GSX-R600 and get out there!

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