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Pizza delivery boy faceplant stoppie

Priceless pizza car park prang

PIZZA DELIVERY RIDERS: Crap pay, long hours, working in all weathers. You can't blame them for having a bit of fun every once in a while, can you?

Not sure I'd much fancy the contents of his delivery box now though.

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Biker faceplants attempting BMX jump

Teenage French stunter bites the dust

PERHAPS someone should have told this poor sod to always try to land on the back wheel when attempting a jump on a motorcycle.

This one looks well painful. Bet he won't be doing that again.

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And today's trackday crasher is ...

... not looking out for damp patches

A SMALL damp patch in the shade looks like the reason this guy got flicked off his bike.

At least he didn't get clouted by the chap behind.

Anyone know where it's filmed?

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Today's wheelie crasher is ...

... not wearing a helmet

WHY OH WHY do so many stunters insist on strutting their stuff wearing no helmet?

Anyway, rant over.

Cue film!

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And today's trackday crasher is...

...lucky not to get hit by his bike

NOT QUITE sure exactly how this chap's come to grief, but he's done a fine job of cartwheeling his lovely-looking bike up the exit of pit lane, while powering along the start-finish straight.

A fine lesson to all track-goers to have a good look before pulling out onto the circuit!


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The AA launch new quick response service

Need rescuing in a hurry. Sign up today!

THE AA is aiming to get to stranded road users quicker with the introduction of their new 'JetPack Technician Service'.

For an extra £99 on top of their existing AA membership fee, customers can be rescued in half the time, thanks to the organisation's new initiative.

Thrilled AA member, Rosie Lykes, said: "It's ...  Continue reading


And today's wheelie crasher is ...

...a bit choppy on the throttle

THIS POOR sod looks like he's an accident about to happen right from the start.

Ham-fisted throttle action, results in v.bent GSX-R.

Da-da dum, dum, dum, another one bites...

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"It wasn't me - it was Santa Claus"

Welsh motorist makes mockery of speeding ticket response

A WELSH motorist has come up with a cunning, if rather daft, plan to avoid a speeding ticket by telling police "Santa" was driving his car when it was snapped by a speed camera.

Paul Ellard, 24, from Clwyd, replied to the formal notice sent to him in the post, ...  Continue reading


'That' BMW S1000RR trick - on a scooter

Proof you don't need 193bhp to perform magic

REMEMBER the BMW S1000RR tablecloth trick we showed on Visordown last month?

Well here's a bit of a p*ss take from some crazy Eurpoeans armed with nothing more than a piddly sub-20bhp two-stroke scooter.

Love it!

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And today's wheelie crasher is ...

A bit of a plonker

THE RESPONSE from the guys in the office was pretty much unanimous: Dickhead.

It's prats like this that give motorcycling a bad name.

This one's a couple of years old, but we've not seen it before, so maybe you haven't either.

Anyone recognise the area? The dialling code on the estate agent's board is ...  Continue reading

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