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We're not bugs!

Norwegian safety video with macabre message

THIS IS Norway's latest road safety video that's aimed at reminding the country's car drivers that motorcyclists are more than just bugs.

We're not quite sure what useful message is contained in the clip. It's seems to be aiming to use pointless shock tactics, which don't really work.

Your thoughts?

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Single sided chain adjustment

Much easyer than it looks!

We don’t get the manuals with our long term bikes and I didn’t want swallow my pride and ask triumph how to adjust the chain on the Speed Triple.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. The single side swing arm with centrally mounted disk is a work of ...  Continue reading

Head-on trail riding crash

Green laner? Watch this

ANYONE WHO'S ridden green lanes before may appreciate this clip, shot in Texas, USA.

No lane markings and no speed limits mean many trails are pretty much a free-for-all, especially out in the Texan wilderness. It's all too easy to think you and your mates are the only riders on the trail.

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Great lowside caught on camera

Two cameras, one crash, nil point!

WE'RE NOT sure what's more entertaining: the footage of this chap's lowside or the barrage of excuses behind the reason that caused it.

Either way, it's a good bit of film from two cameras mounted at either end of the bike.

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Thrive: another CGI hybrid hits our screens

Interesting name: a cross between thrush and hives, perhaps?

THIS IS the Thrive motorbike concept from designer Michael Luzar - a computer-generated hybrid that will run on either battery or petrol-powered engines.

The bike's single seat design, with bodywork made from aluminum and carbon fibre is planned to go into production in 2015.

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Need to carry more people on your Vespa?

Well, you know, because sometimes you need to go four-up

So you're thinking about getting a scooter but you're worried about the fact you won't be able to carry the kids on the school run. Well, worry no more, because this Vespa is the perfect tool for you.

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Look who's in fifth in the Qatar superbike championship

Ducati MotoGP man fires back another amusing pic from Losail

YOU'VE got to love Nicky Hayden.

First he sends us pictures of the local talent floating around Qatar, prior to the start of the first MotoGP weekend of 2010, and now he sends us this.

Snapped at Losail circuit, venue for Sunday's nighttime MotoGP race, Hayden says:

'look who is up to 5th in ...  Continue reading

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That used to be a Ducati 1098

Not the ideal way to wrap up a test ride, that's for sure

I spotted this on my tinterweb travels. It's allegedly the demonstrator bike from a Ducati dealers on the isle of Jersey, in the English channel. The only information to hand is that the bike spat the rider off and the bike hit a tree - the only one for miles - ...  Continue reading

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Hayden goes talent-spotting in Qatar

The Kentucky Kid's got his scopes out already ahead of this weekend's MotoGP opener!

NO DOUBT there'll be the odd moan from the PC brigade but this picture, sent in by Ducati MotoGP ace Nicky Hayden, made us laugh, along with the quote:

'Some hot local talent actually only thing showing was the eyes, so I would say 50/50 at best&that's being generous'

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