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Dirt bike disasters

Motorcross mayhem

YouTuber Derek Hallman has put together this massive dirt bike crash compilation. Thankfully there’s no annoying music so you can hear the bikes in action (and not surprisingly the odd bit of salty language too).

There are plenty of big moments but I had my fingers crossed during the the ...  Continue reading


Hole in one

Ejector seats aren’t just for jets

The combination of smoking and 3-wheeler leads to an early grave for this Russian rider.

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Get your bike featured online

‘Bike EXIF for dummies’

A tongue-in-cheek guide to guarantee internet fame for your project bike. And if you need a suitable name and brand, just keep refreshing this link till you find something you like. I’m going with Whisky & Whisky…

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Scorching Rossi rep

If you happen to come across a burning bike it’s worth noting that neither water (or a bottle of your own piss) are going to help put out a petrol fire. Also, explosions don’t just happen in Hollywood movies.

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Not so easy

Seventies safety

This public safety film featuring Peter Fonda and Evil Knievel may be over 40 years old but some things haven’t changed.

“Car drivers just don’t seem to see bikes. You have to think of them as asleep, blind or drunk”. All that’s missing from that quote is the term ‘texting’. 

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Front End Chatter

'Britain's best biking podcast'

TWO well-known bike journalists have launched what they are billing as 'Britain's best (and only) biking podcast'.

Martin Fitz-Gibbons, formerly of Bike magazine, and Simon Hargeaves, also formerly of Bike and now a regular Visordown contributor, have so far released three hour-long episodes in which they discuss latest new bikes, MotoGP gossip and supercharging, sometimes with ...  Continue reading

Close calls

Lightning, sharks, boulders & bikes

Salty language and butt-clenching moments ahead. Who gets the prize for the most stupid scene?

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Castrol Speed Academy

Little Talladega Gran Prix Raceway

American Elena Myers was first female to win an AMA Pro road race and the first female to win a professional motorsports event of any kind at the Daytona International Speedway.

In this video she takes on her current teamate Jason DiSalvo for some fun around an Alabama track onboard ...  Continue reading

‘Rides like a dream’

Looks like a nightmare

Although aftermarket grips and LED strips are both listed on the ad for this poor Suzuki, there’s no mention of the single disc conversion at the front of the bike. It’s a good job the seller is in no rush to sell. Surely this is the worst looking SV650 ever?

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I've had a blast, thank you!

14 years on...

Today is my 'last' day at Visordown. It feels weird saying that because it's never really felt like a job or a thing I have to do, it's always been my passion, the thing I've just done. But now I'm off, to pastures new.

I'm really proud of where Visordown has got ...  Continue reading

11 to 20 of 1,072 blog posts