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Adrenaline Crew

Tricks on tour

Making Jackass look tame in comparison, this popular 'street bike crew' perform stunts at stadiums and events. But by the looks of this promo video, their antics on the road also get a lot of attention from local cops (and panel beaters). Slightly salty language.

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The undroppable bike

Never overcook a corner again with the latest kit from America

SAN FRANCISCO based firm Lit Motors think they have the answer to bike safety.

In the form of a self-righting gyroscopic bike that, according to the creators, would require a 'baby elephant' to knock it over (we're not sure if a baby elephant is anything like as powerful as say...a two ton ...  Continue reading

Fancy four days at Jerez in Jan?

Head to the sun!

If you want something to look forward to over Christmas, then this could be well up your street: Four days on track at Jerez, with bike transport included. The dates are 24/25/26/27 Jan 2013. There are three bike pick-up points, Newscastle, Donington Park and London. The price is £450 and you ...  Continue reading

Teenage Motorcycle Racers

Red Bull Rookies Cup

This 8 part documentary covers the 2009 Red Bull Rookies Cup season. In this episode, relive Danny Kent winning his first race in the series.

Watch episode 2/8 here.

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The motorcycle graveyard

How many can you name?

Check out this haul of classics. These motorcycles, located in a disused building close to New York, were photographed by a student on a photography project. They were formerly situated at a place called Cole's but when the owner died, they seem to have been left stagnant. Perhaps someone was arguing ...  Continue reading

WW2 minibike

Baby BMW

It's not just the Police who seem to be getting younger these days. Custom bike builder Tripwire talks through the changes made to his minibike to make it fit for war.

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Gold Rush

No it's not a Dubai-special but it could be...

Spotted at this year's Motorcycle Live. The 'net is awash with gold-wrapped and horrendously painted supercars, often sporting Middle-Eastern numberplates but this S1000RR isn't an Arab creation. Nope, it's a one-off paintjob by BMW for the 2012 Olympics, where BMW supplied cars and bikes to ferry around VIPs.

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Swerve test

Russian style

Motogymkhana level one. Vodkas level 10.

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The review you've all been waiting for

Holy batsuit

Although UDReplicas Dark Knight motorcycle suit has been available for a while now, a recent 'on-bike' review was posted online for the first time last week. 

This capeless crusader thinks that Batman would ride a Ducati 749 Dark (I guess when the Bat Pod is being serviced). Just don't plan on breaking ...  Continue reading


FZR600 deathtrap

Definitely wouldn't trust myself with this...

Of all the things I should never be allowed to do, flying a helicopter is right up there - just above 'riding a motorcycle'. Especially if that helicopter was, like this one is, a handmade example, powered by an FZR600 engine.

It just sold on eBay for £4,750 to someone far braver, ...  Continue reading

111 to 120 of 1,064 blog posts