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Bike and rider flip out

As expected there's some salty language in this video, following a wheelie gone wrong. What makes this clip interesting though is that I'm pretty sure John Hopkins is the man behind the camera. Plus the front brake check at the end is comedy gold. 

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Natural Habitats

Photo exhibition and pop-up shop

SAM Christmas has been a professional photographer for the last 3 years and is the man behind Natural Habitats, a collection of photos covering the growing UK custom scene, showing bikes and their builders at home.   

Sam's clients include the likes of Honda, Dainese, Google, Polo Jeans and Edwin denim but ...  Continue reading


Loading bikes

How hard can it be?

None of these end very well but to be fair, at least a few bikes actually make it on to the back of a truck.

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Bad parenting

Moped madness

This certainly gives another meaning to 'dropping the kids off'.

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Rock on with the ROKON

A good choice for the apocalypse?

Tim Raslton is a survival gear expert who presents an American reality television series called Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo. In this video (complete with air guitar soundtrack) Tim gets his feet wet testing a small two-wheel drive motorcycle.

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Smooth streets

New York shows how it's done

Q. What gets bigger the more you take away from it?
A. A hole

Excuse the lame joke, but potholes are definitely one of those things you need to keep an eye out for on the road. There are some dangerous ones near me in South London but after riding ...  Continue reading


Loud pipes save lives

Be heard, be seen

If you find your Harley-Davidson a bit on the quiet side, there is an alternative to aftermarket pipes. Whilst not an official add-on, these speakers will ensure you'll be heard whilst out on the road. And what could be better than the wind in your face, and Van Halen in your ...  Continue reading


Adrenaline Crew

Tricks on tour

Making Jackass look tame in comparison, this popular 'street bike crew' perform stunts at stadiums and events. But by the looks of this promo video, their antics on the road also get a lot of attention from local cops (and panel beaters). Slightly salty language.

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The undroppable bike

Never overcook a corner again with the latest kit from America

SAN FRANCISCO based firm Lit Motors think they have the answer to bike safety.

In the form of a self-righting gyroscopic bike that, according to the creators, would require a 'baby elephant' to knock it over (we're not sure if a baby elephant is anything like as powerful as say...a two ton ...  Continue reading

Fancy four days at Jerez in Jan?

Head to the sun!

If you want something to look forward to over Christmas, then this could be well up your street: Four days on track at Jerez, with bike transport included. The dates are 24/25/26/27 Jan 2013. There are three bike pick-up points, Newscastle, Donington Park and London. The price is £450 and you ...  Continue reading

111 to 120 of 1,071 blog posts