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Combining motocross and base jumping

Head for heights required

Point-of-view videos are nothing new, but it's certainly a surreal sight to see a bike 40 metres up in the air drop completely away from the rider.

Skip to the 14 minute mark to see the jump. You can see another KTM in the air (albeit in an unplanned flight) ...  Continue reading


Kate Moss - the new face of Matchless

First the clothes, then the bikes?

BACK in December 2012, we announced that the venerable Matchless marque would be making a comeback.

The men behind it, the Malenotti brothers, have clearly got a slightly different image in mind for the brand than we might have hoped. New bikes look to be pretty low down the agenda - ...  Continue reading

Johnny Depp causes high-speed crash

"Watch the clutch"

I can understand that seeing Johnny Depp appear from out of nowhere might be distracting to a rider. Obviously not content with damage caused to the Honda in the video above (as a direct result of his on-track presence) Depp gets on the bike to go for a spin then crashes ...  Continue reading

The Best Bar in America

Classic combination of bikes and beer

A whiskey-fueled writing assignment takes one man on an epic motorcycle road trip through the bars and taverns across the American West in this feature film. 

The film follows a character called Sanders who rides a 1960 BMW R60/2 across Arizona, Utah and Montana. With help of fellow traveler and sage, Northway, ...  Continue reading


"I am the guy who started drifting"

Back in 1976 Brad Patterson did 58 consecutive 360s at Surfer's Paradise in Australia. 4 years later he managed 70 donuts at the Orange County International Raceway. That's even more than these guys could manage.

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Must-have tank decal for any Honda DN-01 owner

You know it makes sense

All you DN-01 owners, both of you: you need this in your life.

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Honda CB900F Bol D'or

Retro racer

Slick videos shot on HD GoPros (complete with dubstep soundtracks) are now common place. But back in the late 80s, self shot videos were much thinner on the ground, due to expensive camcorders that were about the same size as a petrol tank and probably just as heavy too.

In ...  Continue reading

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The Roman Emperor reflects

Max Biaggi looks back on his career

"I had the chance to keep going, I had the contract already there just to be signed, but I had decided that was the time, that was the opportunity to retire at the top of the hill. It's like a dream come true"

It was strange not seeing Max Biaggi ...  Continue reading

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3.8-litre six-cylinder Jag engined madness

Because 'it's possible' was a good enough reason for this chap

I have so many questions and unfortunately not enough answers.

Firstly is this a motorcycle or is there is third wheel hidden by the gigantic six-cylinder Jag XK lump?

Just how many metres would you get from that tank (mounted infront of the bars)?

What sort of high-grade metals are used in the spokes ...  Continue reading


Robbie Maddison takes to the sky

FMX rider Robbie Maddison likes to joke that he was "born on a bike and came into the world doing a no-hander onto the delivery table".

He's sponsored by DC Shoes and features in their very first DC TeamWorks video above. Shot at a military service airplane graveyard in Arizona, ...  Continue reading

91 to 100 of 1,064 blog posts