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Cruising round the TT

Onboard footage from a Scott 1929 TT Replica "VM 7775"

Swede Jan "Silja" Siljestrom narrates a lap of the IOM TT. The slower speeds give a different perspective to the famous race (although there is a hairy moment 11 minutes in to the video). Bet you never knew there were so many pubs around the course.

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Does Hogan really know best?

Not when it comes to basic motorcycle mechanics, he doesn't

Hulk Hogan lost a wrestling match with a motorcycle radiator, as these graphic images below show.

The wrestling legend posted a series of graphic images after his motorcycle radiator exploded but the hard man had time to take photos and post them to his Twitter followers before heading to hospital to get ...  Continue reading

The BMW Concept Ninety Story

90 years of BMW Motorrad

Roland Sands works his magic for BMW and their Concept Ninety, paying homage to the BMW R 90 S. More info and photos on the bike can be found here

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Caught in the tail-lights

See object... hit object

There are bikers who don't like cyclists and vice versa, but this one seems to have such an extreme affinity for cyclists, he ploughs straight into them. It's like a high-speed hug gone wild. Luckily no one was seriously injured...

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Alaska to Argentina

No support crew required for Alex Chacon and his Kawasaki KLR650

Over 500 days, 82,000 miles and 22 countries in just 10 minutes. Inspiring stuff.

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We all like motorcycles ...to some degree

A throwaway comment by Dylan.. but one that struck a chord with me

Bob Dylan once said: 'Oh, we all like motorcycles ...to some degree' and that saying struck a chord with me. I urge you to watch the first minute of Dylan's interview here. I've never heard him speak but I love the way he handles this press conference. He's a cool ...  Continue reading

Anyone got a crane?

If they could fit them with four wheel drive...

Sometimes it's best to walk..

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Danny MacAskill meets Guy Martin

Or should that be the other way round?

Skilled cyclist Danny MacAskill quickly rose to internet fame after his impressive collection of tricks went viral. Now a Red Bull sponsored rider, he is currently featuring in a series of documentaries building up to his most ambitious project to date. In this episode he meets the charismatic Guy Martin (who's ...  Continue reading

New biker-gang 'strategy' video game

'Route 666' game gives you control of your very own biker gang…

GAMING company Deep Silver has released a trailer for its new Ride to Hell: Route 666 biker gang downloadable strategy game, brought to PSN, Xbox Live Arcade and PC by Black Forest Games. The goal is to establish domination over the Route 66 highway, and you'll need to do this via pitched battles with ...  Continue reading

Video: Rossi's NASCAR drive

The Doctor takes Kyle Busch's wheels for a spin

ROSSI just loves racing, be it two wheels or four, and recently tried his hand at NASCAR. Here's a little vid of him putting in some hot laps in a 650 bhp Toyota at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  

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91 to 100 of 1,078 blog posts