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Buying countless tatty bikes. And that Marquez fella

Mackenzie's got a terrible disease

A South African friend of mine called Trevor Binder told me last weekend I’m quite obviously in the advanced stages of a terrible disease.

He recognises the affliction because he admits to suffering from the same condition for many years and so far hasn’t found a cure.  He says he can’t stop ...  Continue reading

Rainy BSB tests are nothing new

This year's pre season washout will just generate more excitement for the fans come April

THE combination of bad weather in the UK and a European testing ban means that most BSB teams will now start the season with very little track time. This sounds like a disaster for the top teams but history has proved this isn’t necessarily true and it sometimes doesn’t matter how much ...  Continue reading

Snow riding and my new LC

...and a sad loss for Yamaha

I reckon the only thing to do when the snow comes is to get on a bike and my weapon of choice is usually a Yamaha TTR 125. I’ve had TTRs in the garage now for around eight years after Raceways Yamaha in Fleetwood put some on offer for just £900 ...  Continue reading

Awesome Anaheim Supercross

The highlight of this winter has to be my visit to last week’s Anaheim Californian Supercross.  I’ve followed this spectacular series on Motors TV but the atmosphere while watching the action live is something else. Forty five Yankee dollars gets you a good seat high in the stadium, with practice starting ...  Continue reading

It's pary time so I hope you have fun!

Steve Parrish and Bradley Smith enjoying December's festivities

Despite my heritage I really enjoy Christmas and would honestly deny I'm the biggest scrooge in the paddock. That award goes to my old team mate from the Silverstone Armstrong days, Donnie McLeod.  When Donnie was running his own team he would doze between venues in the bunk behind the drivers seat in his 508 ...  Continue reading


Schwantz and Mackenzie on the Nurburgring box

A 500GP bike never fails to stop me in my tracks and that’s exactly what happened when I spotted this Schwantz example from the early nineties, proudly displayed on the Arai stand at the recent Motorcyclelive show. 

On loan from Crescent Suzuki and accompanied by a rostrum publicity shot from the 1990 German ...  Continue reading

Motorcycle Live and a few of my favourite things for 2013

There is lots of shiny new metal on show at Motorcyclelive this year but for me it’s the new Triumph Daytona 675 that steals the show.  We’ve been starved of brand new models in the Supersports segment for years but for me the latest Trumpet has made the wait worthwhile. And if its performance ...  Continue reading

Retirement is rife but thankfully not for Vale

Lots of great riders are calling it a day, but not Rossi

The racing season may be over but the winter nights will surely fly by as we watch reviews, debate events of 2012 racing and relish the excitement that lays ahead in 2013.

Unfortunately retirement seems to be popular right now so with major names leaving BSB, WSB and Moto GP things will never ...  Continue reading

New kit from RST in 2013

A chance meeting to Moto Direct last week let me gate crash their RST dealer presentations and get a sneaky peak at the comprehensive range of new products for 2013. The first item to catch my eye was the all new Trach Tech Evo boot. It has a new sole compound, redesigned ...  Continue reading

My dream bike for 2013: The KTM 250GPR

KTM's £45,000 GP replica

I never really know when I’m asked what my dream bike would be but should Camelot shine on me this Saturday I know what I want at the moment, the KTM250GPR.

At around £45,000 and with only 49bhp the Austrian firms over the counter Moto 3 racer for 2013 might not sound that ...  Continue reading

11 to 20 of 82 blog posts