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On board with Dougie Lampkin

It all looks so easy

That rock at the start of the video was waist height...

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Short film: Scooter whups bike...

... sort of

Clearly this lot have way too much time on their hands but the amount of comic script opportunities around three wheels, scooters and reverse gears (and bicycle pumps) are clearly too prolific to ignore.

Nice YouTube action, scooteristi. The vehicle in question is now for sale on eBay, should you be wishing ...  Continue reading

Clutch/throttle Masterclass: Part Four

Shorts and gravel - hmmm

You just know this is going to end badly.

The suspension linkages so dry they squeak for mercy. The knackered kickstart return spring. The madman in the forest randomly firing a rifle. The extensive protective equipment.

If it's disaster you're expecting, you won't be short changed...

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Clutch/throttle Masterclass: Part Three

Eastern bloc block-heads

The clutch control seems OK, but keeping her lit while she's a-snakin' an' a weavin' might have been a mistake

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Clutch/throttle Masterclass: Part Two

Poetic Darwinian moment

The camera's rolling, you feel compelled to show-off. Not always advisable if your machine control is this lacking...

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Clutch/throttle Masterclass: Part One

Bite point bites back

The first in a (very) long series of how to master the art of totally cocking up the set-off... watch and learn

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Suzuka 1991 500 GP - nail-biting last lap

Gettin' kinda squirrelly

It's little wonder that this era of GP rider ended up smashed to bits. An era when TC was not PC.

But is it just because these 500cc two-strokes were so savage, so hard to tame and so dangerous that led to racing of this standard or was it just the immense ...  Continue reading

Test-riding the old-school way

Tweed is due a comeback, I think

Love this old cine film of how Avon used to conduct their R+D around their Melksham HQ. Flat-out on a Vincent with only hair oil and utter faith as protection.

Wonder how many test riders Avon used to get through?

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CBR250R gets dirt-bike noise treatment

GPR carbon end can

Standard CBR250RR end-can, unlike the FireBlade, is not a thing of beauty. Matt-black painted steel doesn't bode well for a salty winter, either.

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Video: The biggest tank-slapper ever

Steve Bonhomme jumps out of the sunroof

Gerrards corner at Mallory Park is a very, very fast corner. The sort of place you always hope you never crash. Steve Bonhomme was lucky to walk away from this one...

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31 to 40 of 130 blog posts