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Video: OMFG, etc, etc

Feet up, literally

I've got the trials bug recently and will shortly be buying myself a tidy Gas Gas which will, for sure, be about 100% better than I am. But that's half the fun when your learning curve is near vertical.

I started watching this video thinking 'yeah, OK, so what?' until he tackles ...  Continue reading

Video: Ride and Sikh

From the biggest motorcycle market in the World

Some alternative tunes for your perusal. This is Pagg (featuring Pappa Sandal and the Sikh Motorcycle Club) using motorcycles as props in his music video. If you're still at work, you might want to turn your speakers down...

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Video: 180bhp N2O injected Vincent

Just a whiff of Burt Munro?

The Greek God Epithemeus - the name of this three-wheeled, 180bhp Vincent record breaker - was the brother of Prometheus.

Epithemeus (meaning afterthought) was the creator of many dangerous, ill thought-out beasts. Unlike his dilligent brother, Epithemeus was a bit of a f**kwit who threw everything at his powerful new animal creations with ...  Continue reading

Tested: Mick Extance Trials School

Fun at Four mph

When it’s minus nine outside, riding motorbikes should be the last thing on any sane person’s mind. Riding them off-road, nearly two thousand feet above sea level seems even more stoopid.

But that’s where I was a week last Saturday. The day the mercury plunged. The day cold, snow-laden air blew in ...  Continue reading

Rode Safety!

'Methods of the experts', 1955

Got sent this gem of a promo film by a Visordown member the other day.

I think they make a really strong argument about motorcycles not being any more dangerous than the individual operator. To illustrate this point, the clip of the revolver hand gun is a masterstroke. But why's he got ...  Continue reading

Good guys ride bikes


Nice to know, when motorcyclists tend to be stereotyped as trouble-causers by the ‘popular’ press that the tables have been officially turned.

Italy’s new hero, said by some to be the savior of Italian National pride, rides a motorbike.

Coastguard Gregorio de Falco shot to fame last Friday when he ordered the captain ...  Continue reading

What happens when a Fiat 600...

...mates with a GSX-R1000

You've got to admire the builder and driver of this GSX-R1000-engined Fiat 600.

It may not be easy grafting one engine from one vehicle into another but it's even harder, once you've managed it, to make it stop, turn grip and handle like this car. The original 636cc Fiat 600 (Seicento) could ...  Continue reading

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Traction control? Yawn...

Much more fun to be had without it

My long-term Fireblade went back to Honda last week and, seeing as it’s sunny and mild outside now, I’m already missing it. It is one of the best 1000cc sports bikes out there, I don’t care what anyone else says, the way it makes its power is just perfect for fast ...  Continue reading


Craig Vetter wants better economy. And grocery space

If you were a child of the seventies, you may remember Craig Vetter’s name from his previous work as a stylist (Triumph Hurricane) or his huge fairing business, Vetter Fairings. 

Since then, the 69 year-old industrial designer has become obsessed by fuel consumption - or rather highlighting how poor motorcycles are delivering ...  Continue reading

The Jackson 5 and their sidecar outfit

Nice 5-gallon tank conversion, too

Really nice period promo shot of the Jackson 5 and a BMW outfit.Why they've got jellyfish tendrils stitched to their cuffs is a mystery, though...

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