Tomorrow, the roads shall be all mine

Well, I hope it's at least going to be quite quiet

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Submitted by MF on Thu, 28/04/2011 - 17:26

I've been fannying around in the garage this morning making preparations for tomorrow.

Don't care if it's going to rain or snow tomorrow, fractured ribs or not, I'm off riding. Full stop. Royal anythings don't interest me so I intend to be as far away from TV, radio and internet as possible. Ear plugs in, visordown, as they say.

I reckon tomorrow should be one of the best riding days of the year. With the masses glued to their TVs or having street parties or whatever people do during these occasions, I figure the roads should be pretty quiet.

So I've just fitted some R&G front fork protectors and some paddock stand bobbins. I like these kind of jobs. It's taken a grand total of ten minutes and didn't involve shedding any knuckle bark, either.

Just adjusted, cleaned and lubed the chain (damn, I'm regretting getting a bike with orange wheels, now - they seem to be permanently covered in chain lube) and taken the slack out of the throttle cable. It seems most new bikes come with about a quarter turn of slack in the pull-cable throttle. I hate it. I've adjusted it so there's no free play whatsoever, just how I like it. It's so much better to ride as a result.

She's brimmed with fuel, tyre pressures done and with 1500 miles on the clock, nicely run in, too.

All I have to do now is get some maps out and work out what route's going to be best.

Y'all have a good weekend...

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