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Journalist's project bike makes progress, shocker

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Submitted by MF on Wed, 14/03/2012 - 14:46

Remember the Enigma Triumph being built by a collective of British engineeers and specialists?

Just been dropped a note by the bike's owner - know on these parts as JimLin. Inexplicaby, for a journalist's 'project', things still appear to be moving ahead at a healthy velocity. Jim has also been fairly busy whoring the bike around various publications. Shameful behaviour.

Here's what he has to say...

' Hi Mark, in addition to not smoking (five years next week) I’ve also cut back to nearly zero on the booze as well. Gasp! And upped my visits to the gym.

Fatness and old age are great motivators.

Enigma is on the move again after a few quiet weeks thanks to illness (not mine) and an electrical mishap with one of our main suppliers.

It’s on its feet at last wearing a pair of Avon Tyres and currently residing up in Shropshire where I have left it in the hands of ace sheet metalworker Terry Hall (have you heard of him?). Terry is doing the tank and is also making the moulds for the rear bodywork.

Terry also makes armour for the Household Cavalry which is what that picture is doing there.'

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