Onboard at the Macau GP

Strap yourself onto Horst Saiger's ZX-10R as he lines up on the grid for the Macau GP

Ben Cope's picture
Submitted by Ben Cope on Wed, 21/11/2012 - 10:28

Isn't technology wonderful? Thanks to lots of clever boffins and one amazingly talented rider, you can see what it's like to race around the Macau GP, all in 720p.

The camera is mounted on Horst Saiger's Saiger-Racing.com ZX-10R.

Only at the end of the video when you see the riders heading down pitlane are you reminded how much effort is put into a race like that, from the tiny things like race entry, to getting the gearing right, to pulling all off come race day. Let's not forget the talent you need in the first place. It's a herculean effort.

Turn your sound up and enjoy: it's a great race.

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