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Onboard at the Macau GP

Strap yourself onto Horst Saiger's ZX-10R as he lines up on the grid for the Macau GP

Isn't technology wonderful? Thanks to lots of clever boffins and one amazingly talented rider, you can see what it's like to race around the Macau GP, all in 720p.

The camera is mounted on Horst Saiger's Saiger-Racing.com ZX-10R.

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Lorenzo's highside: Fixed

It was the least we could do...

It looked like Jorge Lorenzo was walking upside down during his highside at Valencia, so I thought I'd get the Photoshop out and, well, take advantage.

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Lorenzo's highside: All sorts of wrongness

M1 ready for the scrapheap. Lorenzo ready for a 3-month soak in the bath.

There aren't a lot of right-looking things in this picture and I'm not just talking about the rank paintjob on the Paul Bird CRT bike. Check out Lorenzo's Yamaha M1, no wait, check out Lorenzo. When he highsides, he knows how to do it properly..

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You don't try and pinch Rossi's bike

Over-zealous marshal feels the wrath of Rossi

When Valentino Rossi suffered a low-speed crash in practice at Sepang, he was in no mood to throw the towel in. Unfortunately for the 9-time world champ, he couldn't just get back on his Ducati, he had to fight off the marshals from pushing his bike to the recovery zone.

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Crutchlow: Manga-style

Japanse artist, Ranka, turns MotoGP stars into Manga icons

At the Motegi MotoGP pre-event, Rossi, Pedrosa and Crutchlow were immortalised as Manga characters by famous Japanese artist, Ranka.

Ranka presented the riders with their finished characters but they also spent time colouring in an outline drawing she'd prepared for them.

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Tom Sykes' Lascorz tribute lid on eBay

Get in there, quick!

Tom Sykes has put his race-winning Shark helmet on eBay to raise money towards rehabilitation for his former team mate, Joan Lascorz who has been confined to a wheelchair since an accident during testing this year.

The helmet, featuring a special one-off paint job, went on eBay this morning, instantly attracting bids ...  Continue reading

Old school Dunlop ad

Featuring Nicky Hayden and some impressive lean

Dunlop ad from 2001 (I think).

At this level, everyone's talented. The real question is: who has the most desire? - Nicky Hayden

Great picture, just look at him steering in - at that angle! Not sure if that would have been possible on a front D207RR...

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Shakey. Brakey. Parp!

Shane Byrne gets it wrong coming out of Chapel

Shane Byrne was lucky to walk away uninjured from this Free Practice crash at Silverstone.

On the power out of Chapel the rear end let go, but Byrne managed to react before he was flung off his ZX-10R. He stayed on, for a bit, before parting with the bike in the gravel. ...  Continue reading

Joey Dunlop on a V4 Honda at the '83 TT

Do onboard videos get any better than this?

Onboard video footage doesn't get a lot better than this: Joey Dunlop during practice at the TT in 1983 onboard a factory Honda RS850R. An 859cc ultra-short stroke V4 Honda that Joey mastered around The Island, later winning the TT Formula 1.

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Spain has hosted most MotoGPs: non-shocker

The facts and figures ahead of this weekend's MotoGP at Aragon

232 – Dani Pedrosa has scored 232 points from the first thirteen MotoGP races of this year. If he finishes either first or second at Aragón he will exceed his previous highest total point score for a full season in the MotoGP class, which is 249 in 2008.

99 – Spain is ...  Continue reading

51 to 60 of 201 blog posts