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Shoulder scraping at the Southern 100

Can you name the rider?

I'm afraid I don't know who the rider is scraping their shoulder but the shot was taken by Alessandro Bramini at the Southern 100.

Extra points if you can name the rider.

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One man who didn't want to be watching the Sachsenring MotoGP

Will he be on the bike at Laguna?

Jorge Lorenzo posted this picture on his Twitter feed on Sunday. Yamaha's No.1 rider had to watch Sunday's MotoGP from his apartment.

Despite Crutchlow reckoning Sunday's race result would have been the same even with Pedrosa and Lorenzo on the grid, I reckon Lorenzo would have had something to say about that.

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Circuit of Wales - which way would you go?

If you don't know, then it's hard to work it out

Simple question: which direction do you think the Circuit of Wales should go and why?

No looking up the track's actual direction. Take a position and state your case.

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Lorenzo's crash data

Telemetry from Lorenzo's Alpinestars airbag suit

LORENZO'S Alpinestars airbag suit is clearly smart but it doesn't make you invincible. Here's the data and a run-through from Alpinestars on what happened from just before Lorenzo lost control to just after he hit the ground.

From Alpinestars:

The trace graph shows the g-force time series of the data streamed by the ...  Continue reading

Bradl: Kings of Lean

Move over Stoner?

Who's the King of Lean when it comes to MotoGP? I know everyone talks about Marquez but this shot of Bradl is all the evidence I need to declare him king.

Stoner, below, was the previous benchmark. Post links to photos of anyone generating more lean than Bradl. I don't think anyone ...  Continue reading

John McGuinness rides the electric future

Tell me you couldn't have any fun on this

Jump onboard with John McGuinness as he heads from the start line on his Shinden Ni / Mugen electric motorcycle in the TT Zero race. One wonders whether Honda would have announced that it is actually a Honda if McGuinness had taken the win. There's certainly plenty of Honda money behind ...  Continue reading

Jonathan Howarth's Bray Hill crash

Not a place you want it to go wrong

What's Bray Hill on a Superbike on the opening lap? 150, 160mph?

When you look at this picture, the packed viewing areas and what's left of the bike, well, it's a minor miracle no-one died when Jonathan Howarth crashed on the opening lap of his year's Senior TT.

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Yamaha Past Masters onboard

Watch a whole race onboard with Mike Edwards on a TZR250

Link: Bike icon - Suzuki RGV250

It's time for some two-stroke action. Brought to you courtesy of Mike Edwards, long-time motorcycle-racing gun for hire.

No-one could touch series leader Dean Stimpson, who was born a year after Mike last rode a TZR250, when he was JuniorStock championship, in 1988!

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How hard is Dunlop pushing? This hard

Helicopter shot shows what most cameras don't

This picture is of Michael Dunlop during the Supersport race heading through The Bungalow.

That black line has come from his front tyre and as one former Isle of Man racer said: 'You don't lose the front through The Bungalow unless you're pushing hard.'

McGuinness described one of Dunlop's laps after following him ...  Continue reading

Set your watch to Lorenzo

He's Mr Consistent

This is Jorge Lorenzo's lap chart from Mugello. It's a work of art!

That consistency is something mere mortals like me dream of.

I don't know what it is you have to have to be able to repeat the same sector times and lap times lap after lap.

Surely these riders are weird, because ...  Continue reading

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