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How to make your eBay ad stand out

But not necessarily for the right reasons

WE can’t quite put our finger on what drew our attention to the eBay listing for this ‘stunning bike’. Is it the double bubble screen? The upside fork legs? The Battlax swinging-arm?

‘Please messages only about the bike,’ the seller says, ‘the girl is not for sale.’

Video: Troy Bayliss' high-side at Phillip Island

Former WSB champ gets thrown out of the seat during free practice

THREE-time former World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss had his first high-side in over six years during practice for his recent wildcard return to the championship at Australia's Philllip Island.

The WSBK YouTube channel doesn't allow the video to be embedded into this page but you can watch it here.

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Two Ducati Scrambler concepts by Gannet Design

Featuring the 'Coppertail' and 'Blue'

Gannet Design has just released these renderings of Ducati Scrambler concepts.

Ulfert Janssen - who's also worked as a designer at Renault, Nissan and Infiniti -  says his 'Coppertail' design strays from the original bike by way of a new tank and seat, along with a new exhaust, spoked ...  Continue reading

Intermot 2014: Babe gallery

Apparently some new motorcycles were revealed at this show

BUSY as we are at international bike shows, we somehow always find time to photograph a few of the hottest humans of the woman variety.

Here’s a few who could be seen generally brightening up the show stands at Intermot in Cologne this week. 

Sexist? You’re the one reading.

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Du-carti’s ‘don’t call me a cruiser’ Diavel takes on a 460bhp C7 Corvette

While car versus bikes races are always interesting, I’d like to see American dragbike rider Rich Gadson take on Regis Laconi, who recently beat the likes of Foggy, Bayliss, Iannone and Dovi at the recent World Ducati Week Diavel Drag Race.

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Dozy drivers

Wakey wakey

Honestly, you’d think some people behind the wheel must be half asleep most of the time. Oh, hang on…

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Lit Motors C-1

The bike equivalent of a Weeble

Ever wondered what you get if you cross a Ducati 916 with a small car? No? I hadn’t either to be honest but it would appear you get an ‘untippable’ motorcycle. Hopefully you can at least tip it into corners…

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Cody jumps Skip

Stunt performed at the Cameron Airshow

Last weekend FMX rider Cody Elkins jumped over Skip Stewart. No big deal until you realise Skip was piloting a plane at the time. Impressive stuff.

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Helmet hammer test

In the red corner we have a Marushin 777 Samura, winner of 5 Sharp safety rating stars. In the blue corner we have a Chinese RZO. Who will win?

Earlier this week it was reported that crash helmets that could ‘increase chance of death’ had been seized by Trading Standards. This short homemade video clearly demonstrates the differences between a Marushin helmet and a cheap Chinese helmet when both are faced with angry hammer.

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Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Around the world in 360 degrees

Fancy riding somewhere a little different? Three years in the making, this ‘selfie’ video by adventure rider Alex Chacón is inspiring stuff. Even more so when you realise he’s raised plenty of money for orphanages along the way.

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