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Bultaco reveals new Brinco

Off-roader weighs 33kg and makes more torque than a Honda CBR500. The catch: it has pedals.

SPANISH motorcycle firm Bultaco has revealed a new version of the Brinco.

Whilst the original Brinco 108 was a 74cc two-stroke bike produced in the early 70s, the latest edition comes in the form of a pedal-assisted electric mountain bike.

Powered by a 1kWh lithium-ion battery that can be fully recharged in two ...  Continue reading

‘Kill me fast’ custom Ducati 1198 for sale on home design website

For how much?

ALL 10 examples of a Ducati 1198 with custom paintwork have sold for £55,000.

The sculpture is by artist ‘Horn$leth’ and features multicoloured paintwork with ‘Kill me fast’ graphics painted on the bike’s mid-fairings.

Horn$leth said: ‘I myself was so fascinated by this relation between amazing Italian design and the superior engine technology. ...  Continue reading

So you can have fun on a Harley-Davidson

Rider attaches paraglider to cruiser

Is this proof that pigs can fly?

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Jaguar tech to stop SMIDSYs

In-car screens create ‘see-through’ metal

SOMETIMES the safety of one person can be a danger to others and never is that better illustrated than in developments in car crash protection.

Jump into a 1970s or 1980s jalopy today and, once you’ve come to terms with the awful plastics and shoddy build quality, you’ll be surprised by the ...  Continue reading

Washington State targets inattentive drivers in motorcycle awareness video

'What, you didn't see that big bike with the bright headlights shining right at you?'

WASHINGTON State has released a motorcycle awareness video targeting inattentive drivers.

The eight-minute-long film starts by showing a teen driver cruising the streets in a car whilst eating and listening to loud music.

When he turns into the path of a motorcyclist on the opposite side of the road, time stops, giving both ...  Continue reading

Caption that: Helium-filled tyres spied testing

Welcome to our weekly caption contest. You know what to do.

WELCOME to Visordown's weekly caption competiton, where you can show just how funny you are. You can, can't you?

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Video: Watch Marquez win the Superprestigio final

GoPro footage follows MotoGP champ to the chequered flag

Onboard camera footage is from 2014 AMA Pro Flat Track Champ Jared Mees who ended up taking second place, followed closely by CEV Superbike racer Kenny Noyes.

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Swedish racer breaks record for fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice

23-year-old beats previous record of 109.5mph

A SWEDISH racer has set a new record for the world’s fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice.

Robert Gull beat the previous record of 109.5mph set by stunt rider Ryan Suchanek by managing an overall wheelie speed of 183.8kph (114.2mph) over 100m.

Gull broke the record on a stock Honda Fireblade fitted with a ...  Continue reading

Marquez wins 2014 Superprestigio DTX

Jared Mees and Kenny Noyes finish on the podium alongside the MotoGP Champ

DOUBLE MotoGP champion Marc Marquez has ended the 2014 season in style after winning the Superprestigio DTX in Barcelona on Saturday night.

The Superprestigio DTX line-up consisted of ten world champions from numerous motorcycle disciplines. Marquez finished on the top step of the podium, followed by AMA Grand National winner Jared Mees ...  Continue reading

Carl Fogarty considering Hollywood biker film role with Ewan McGregor

'Burn' reportedly in early stages of production

FORMER World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty is reportedly being sought after to star in a new biker film with Ewan McGregor.

The Hollywood action flick, called Burn, will be based on motorbikes and is said to be in the early stages of production.

The film producers are keen to sign Fogarty, having allegedly ...  Continue reading

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