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Explain this to your insurance company

US biker on pavement crashes into telephone pole

A MAN who was riding his motorcycle on the pavement, was found unconcious after crashing it into a telephone pole in Dayton, Ohio.

CCTV showed the man riding his motorcycle along the pavement at an estimated 30 miles an hour, before crashing into the telephone pole. He wasn't wearing a helmet.

The man ...  Continue reading

Crutchlow bites back at Bennetts

Personal sponsor spreads rumours about MotoGP star's future

HERE'S one guaranteed way to annoy a rider you sponsor: start spreading rumours about them.

That's what happened when Bennetts tweeted a rumour that Cal Crutchlow was going to Ducati. Just twenty minutes after the tweet, Crutchlow bit back.

Bennetts tweeted: "Our sources tell us that Cal Crutchlow has an offer on the ...  Continue reading

My Get On experience

Starting from scratch with motorcycling

PROBABLY like most of you, I have a family member that loves bikes. My father in fact. But unlike many of you, the bug didn't come directly down the generations. I never sat on a bike as a youngster and thought 'this is it'. I never felt that indefinable urge to ...  Continue reading

Mahindra launches £500 motorcycle

...and it boasts incredible fuel economy too

INDIAN motorcycle manufacturer, Mahindra, have launched a £500 motorcycle.

The 'Centuro' is a 110cc motorcycle, producing 8.5hp and featuring a four-speed gearbox. It has an analogue rev-counter, digital speedo and idiot lights and anti-theft immobiliser as standard. The Centuro also features crash bars and the lights will flash when you press the ...  Continue reading

Caption That: Running Race

It's our weekly caption competition. Check out everyone's funny captions and leave your own

WELCOME ALL to Visordown's weekly caption competition, where you get the chance to slap the most amusing/twisted quote on some of the more interesting shots from around the wonderful world of motorcycling.

This week, we have a picture of Simone Crosi in the Moto2 race at Assen. Well, he's not really in it, ...  Continue reading

Learn to ride with Visordown: Back protectors

Barry Sheene was one of the first racers to wear a back protector back in 1975 - here's why you should wear one too

WHETHER YOU ride a scooter or a sportsbike, everyone should wear a back protector. Most of us know how vital a decent helmet is for protecting our head, but how many of us have given any real thought about protecting our spine?

Article originally published September 2009, updated July 2013

Back ...  Continue reading

Visordown's five most underrated commuters

Five great ways for getting to work on a budget

THINKING ABOUT commuting to work? Take a look at five machines we think are the most underrated commuters on the secondhand market today. They may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but who cares when you're only interested in getting to work and back on something reliable? And because ...  Continue reading

Learn to ride with Visordown: Misting visors

Can't see the road for the fog? Here's how to stop it

FOGGED UP visors are dangerous. When weather's turning chilly there's greater chance your visor will mist up when you're out and about. When the outside temperature drops, moisture from your breath condenses on the inside of you visor and creates a foggy film that obscures your vision, just like in your ...  Continue reading

Learn to ride with Visordown: Test routes

Why it's a good idea not to know the test routes too well

ONE OF the most common questions asked of any motorcycle instructor is if they can show their students the test routes, which sounds a reasonable enough request, but is it actually a good idea?

Article originally published in September 2007, updated July 2013

Examiners have designated test routes, which encompass all ...  Continue reading

Learn to ride with Visordown: The right gloves

Some gloves are great for winter while others are more suited to summer use. Here's Visordown's guide to finding the right pair for you

YOUR HANDS operate the most important controls on your bike, so a good set of snug fitting gloves is a vital part of your motorcycling kit. We strongly recommend buying them from a reputable motorcycle accessory shop, as they'll usually have the best selection and give useful advice on the best ...  Continue reading

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