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2013 Honda CBR500R

The next big thing?

THIS could be the bike that a new generation of riders will one day look back at with misty-eyed memories of their youth – the first sports bike developed specifically to cater to the new “A2” European licence rules that come into force on January 19 next year.

To recap, the new ...  Continue reading

2013 Honda CB500X

Saturating the dual-sport market

FOR the specs and details of Honda's new CB500X the best bet is to have a read of our CBR500R story – in terms of engine and chassis, the two are basically identical.

The CB500X, though, slots into Honda's “adventure” range – giving the firm the widest selection of road-oriented, off-road-styled, touring-capable ...  Continue reading

Honda Forza UK-bound

New 2013 scooter brings Japanese sports-scoot fashions our way

HONDA has revealed its new NSS300 Forza – and it looks like the bike is likely to come to the UK.

While the Forza has been around in 250cc form for 12 years, it's not currently offered over here. The new 300cc version gets updated styling, clearly taking its lead from the ...  Continue reading

2013 Honda CB500F revealed

The template for an “A2” motorcycle

LOOK at the EU's restrictions on the new A2-class licence holders that will cover a huge number of young new riders from next year and you might as well be looking at the spec sheet of Honda's new CB500F. This bike has a focus.

The rules allow up to 35kW (47bhp). The ...  Continue reading

Could your next bike talk to a car?

Honda sees a SMIDSY-free future...

COULD future Hondas tell the car coming out of the side street up ahead to hang on a bloody minute, you're coming through?

No, each Honda two-wheeler of the future won't come with a free Asimo to do your every bidding - but they well might be fitted with technology that can communicate ...  Continue reading

Triumph Daytona 675R review: UK roads

Open wide and say R! It's our first ride of Triumph's outgoing 675R

Want to know what the new bike is like? Click here for the 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R review.

When my Euro-millions numbers come up, number one bike-purchase is simple. A modern-era 250GP bike with enough spares kit to keep it sweet and sharp for at least ...  Continue reading

2013 MV Agusta F4 range

Range-topping F4 1000 RR promises a genuine 200.8 bhp

IT'S all good at the top of MV Agusta's range. For 2013, their litre sportsbike comes in three models - the 'basic' F4, the F4 R and the F4 RR.  

Designwise, the new bikes are evolutionary, with significant changes being the redesigned silencer, new lightweight wheels and tweaked bodywork around the ...  Continue reading

MotoGP grid girl pictures Valencia 2012

A gallery of the best looking grid girls and paddock babes from around the circuit

GIRLS and MotoGP go together hand-in-hand, and last weekend's Spanish GP didn't let us down when it came to action both on and off the track.

We've put together a gallery of the finest grid girls and paddock babes from the circuit. There are loads of images of brolly dollys to pit lane glamour ...  Continue reading

First look: MV Rivale 800, in the metal

MV's musclebike-on-steroids breaks cover

FOLLOWING on from last week's official sketches, here are the first pictures of MV's new Rivale 800.

A big, brawny streetfighter-style bike, it reminds us of Bane after a good swig of Venom. Looking heavier than its claimed 170kg dry weight, the Rivale is a squat mass of shapes that ...  Continue reading

Lorenzo's highside: All sorts of wrongness

M1 ready for the scrapheap. Lorenzo ready for a 3-month soak in the bath.

There aren't a lot of right-looking things in this picture and I'm not just talking about the rank paintjob on the Paul Bird CRT bike. Check out Lorenzo's Yamaha M1, no wait, check out Lorenzo. When he highsides, he knows how to do it properly..

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