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Yet another SMIDSY

Is using your eyes optional these days?

The in-depth tutorial on how to carry out a succesful SMIDSY:

1. Wait for a biker(s) to be coming

2. Place a loved one (a child will do nicely) on the side of impact

3. Turn into the path of said bikers (Please note: It is essential that you neither indicate or give the ...  Continue reading

Ex-GP racer Jeremy McWilliams stars in film alongside Scarlett Johansson

McWilliams stars as the 'bad man'

FORMER MotoGP racer Jeremy McWilliams is starring alongside Scarlett Johansson in a just-released film. 

Under the Skin sees Johansson as a man-eating alien, with McWilliams playing the ‘bad man’ who protects her.

McWilliams said: ‘Really, they wanted me to turn up and ride a motorbike really fast through the Highlands of Scotland in really awful ...  Continue reading

Not so easy

Seventies safety

This public safety film featuring Peter Fonda and Evil Knievel may be over 40 years old but some things haven’t changed.

“Car drivers just don’t seem to see bikes. You have to think of them as asleep, blind or drunk”. All that’s missing from that quote is the term ‘texting’. 

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Revealed: Honda NM4 Vultus

Radical new addition to NC750 range

HONDA has just unveiled this futuristic cruiser using the same 745cc parallel-twin engine as its NC750 range.

The NM4 Vultus may look like a concept but it's actually a production model.  

Like the other models in the NC range, it makes 54hp with 50lbft of torque.

It comes as standard with Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission system ...  Continue reading

Sean Emmett's bail extended

Former superbike racer tweets #lifeonholdagain

Sean Emmett's bail has been extended following his return from Dubai where his bride fell to her death from a hotel window.

He was arrested by Surrey Police on landing at Heathrow on December 5, and bailed until March.

Emmett will now answer bail on 30 June, with the former superbike racer tweeting: 'I'm surprised ...  Continue reading

New: Dainese leather jacket 2014 collection

Italian manufacturer Dainese releases four new jackets

ITALIAN manufacturer Dainese has released its leather jacket collection for 2014 which it says will suit all styles from sports, casual and vintage.

The Laguna Evo Pelle is a sport-inspired jacket made from a combination of Tutu leather and Cordura Comfort fabric. It has elasticised inserts located in the hips and elbow ...  Continue reading

Front End Chatter

'Britain's best biking podcast'

TWO well-known bike journalists have launched what they are billing as 'Britain's best (and only) biking podcast'.

Martin Fitz-Gibbons, formerly of Bike magazine, and Simon Hargeaves, also formerly of Bike and now a regular Visordown contributor, have so far released three hour-long episodes in which they discuss latest new bikes, MotoGP gossip and supercharging, sometimes with ...  Continue reading

Updated 2014 Yamaha MotoGP livery revealed

Movistar graphics added to the design

YAMAHA has revealed its updated livery for the 2014 M1 MotoGP bike.

Official shots of the old design were released back in January, but the livery has since changed after Movistar signed a five-year sponsorship contract.

The 2014 Yamaha M1 has already been witnessed during pre-season testing in Valencia back in November. However, ...  Continue reading

ADHD on the start line

Going nuts before a race, it's the latest craze

Remember this kid? Looks like he has some competition.

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£200million extra to fix potholes

Extra cash welcome but not enough, say motoring groups

AN EXTRA £200million is to be spent on fixing potholes, which have worsened during the winter’s torrential rain and flooding.

Councils will be able to apply for some of the fund to fix potholes in their area.

Chancellor George Osborne told Parliament the roads had ‘taken a battering,’ adding: ‘I’m making £200 million available ...  Continue reading

2,221 to 2,230 of 18,765 blog posts