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Removing brown stains

...set the washing machine temperature to 70c, then go and have a lie down

Luck? Skill? Could the rider have predicted the car was going to turn?

Either way, they got away with it. Now how to deal with those stains in your undercrackers?

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Mystic Mac's 2014 MotoGP predictions

Ex GP500 rider Niall Mackenzie establishes the form book for 2014 with a focus on all the British riders

There is no real off season in Moto GP.  Although we complain about being starved of racing, for those at the sharp end, in little more than two months they have new bikes to assemble, team staff to put in place and sponsors to nail down that will pay for it ...  Continue reading


Two-up touring

23 countries and 4 continents travelled so far

Thank God that Kev and Karen didn’t crash their '79 Moto Guzi Spada around Mulholland like most of the other riders filmed there. That would be one long walk back home indeed.

Find out more about thier round the world bike trip via Guzzi Overland.

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Rossi's new helmet

Rossi's lid gets a new design for 2014

Fingers crossed more riders see the back of his helmet this season.

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Ice wheelie record

New record set for the fastest wheelie on ice


That's one record I know I could beat.

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Zero-mile, still crated Yamaha RZ500N for sale

Rarer than hen's teeth

This brand new, unregistered, never-even-been-fired-up Yamaha RZ500N has been revealed in the warehouse of a motorcycle dealer in Australia.

We know it was the RD500LC but over in Australia (and Canada) it was called the RZ500N and their version came with an aluminium frame. It comes exactly as it arrived from Japan, with ...  Continue reading


This doesn't end as badly as I thought it would

Some people should never attempt anything more challenging than breathing

This video is all sorts of wrong. When your wife has to step in to give you advice on how to do a burnout, you know it's time to take up golf.

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James Toseland vs. Charlie's Angels Thin Man

An uncanny resemblance to the hair-sniffing man in Charlie's Angels. Wait a second, which one's Toseland again?

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How much for a Zero-mile Desmosedici RR?

Is it worth a 50% premium on the original price?

This Zero-mile Ducati Desmosedici RR is up for sale at Ducati Manchester.

It's a 2008 model, number 1411 of 1500 and it's unregistered.

They were £42,000 new. This one's up for £59,995.

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81 to 90 of 1,737 blog posts