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KTM 1290 Super Duke R vs pooch

Super Duke R: great at wheelies, ever better at scaring small dogs

Little dog decides to go walkabouts on a Californian motorway!

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Video: how's this for a loading fail?

Q: How many men does it take to get a motorcycle on a boat? A: More than you see here, apparently

STEADY... steady... Oh!

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The best (worst) motorcycle advert ever?

Buy a Pegasus motorcycle and shoot people in the face

The Pegasus is almost as impressive as the advert. From what I can tell, the bike is capable of changing from a single to a V-twin, to an inline-four, depending on whether you're doing a burnout, pulling a wheelie, or just shooting people in the face whilst stood on the bike.

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This man can jump

Man jumps over a Panigale and ZX-10R travelling at 70mph

Yes, this man also jumped over a Lamborghini travelling at 81mph.

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Unmarked police bike rear-ended by SUV

Bad driving behind the wrong person

EVERY day during my short commute to work I spot at least one car driver doing something stupid. Funnily enough, it’s not the regularity of these occurrences that bothers me, but that 99% of the time the culprit seems to get away with it.

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Guy Martin rides the Britten V1000

Video footage from Guy Martin's first ride on the Britten at Manfeild

Interesting to hear Guy's thoughts on John Britten's legendary creation.

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Biker chases down rock-throwing kid *bad language*

A stern telling off ensues

I'll bet that boy never throws a rock at a biker again.

Video: bike-building hipster spoof

'I usually use grinders because they make a lot of sparks. Sparks look legit.'

IF there's any contingent of motorcycling worthy of a good spoof video, it's the bike-building hipster bunch. 

This video is long overdue. And hilarious.

Biggest crashes from the 2014 Malaysian 'Cub' Prix

You don't need a fast bike to crash hard

Is 0.30s part of the race or a short from a comedy sketch?

Knee down in a sidecar

Rider or pillion, who's having more fun?

All performed on a closed course, obviously...

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81 to 90 of 1,881 blog posts