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Made in China

The new polystyrene motorcycle...

...with the tensile strength of a twig.

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Kwikasfaki streetfighter

133kg and 135rwhp...

This custom streetfighter has an ex-drag racing Kawasaki H2 750 triple two-stroke engine making 135hp at the wheel, nestled in a GSX-R400 frame.

I'd hazard a guess that those wide bars make it Funasfaki too.

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Where's your helmet, Kyle?

At least his cool shades didn't fall off

A soon to be candidate for the Darwin Awards

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Nice throttle control

Because who doesn't appreciate a good throttle-blip on the downshift

Aussie racer David Johnson on a BMW S1000RR

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Scooter pinball

Coming through!

When God was handing out spatial awareness, this woman probably had her head stuck in a fence.

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‘Rides like a dream’

Looks like a nightmare

Although aftermarket grips and LED strips are both listed on the ad for this poor Suzuki, there’s no mention of the single disc conversion at the front of the bike. It’s a good job the seller is in no rush to sell. Surely this is the worst looking SV650 ever?

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It's official: Ducati's Diavel IS a cruiser

If you see one, call it a cruiser

OKAY, it's not official. But a deserving way to gain a moniker you don't like is to go around telling people not to call you it - and Ducati has just released this promo video for the new Diavel titled 'Don't call me a cruiser'.

So it's officially forever a cruiser to us.   

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Arenacross at Wembley Arena

Anybody here go?

Hot dogs, motorcycles and crashes. In that order.

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I've had a blast, thank you!

14 years on...

Today is my 'last' day at Visordown. It feels weird saying that because it's never really felt like a job or a thing I have to do, it's always been my passion, the thing I've just done. But now I'm off, to pastures new.

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US riders Ken Roczen and Ryan Villopoto battle it out

Supercross is America’s 2nd ‘favorite’ motor sport behind NASCAR. Europe may have taken Motocross over to the States in the ’60’s but it was an American called Mike Goodwin who invented Supercross. This promoted the sport to more people as it was easier for punters to travel to purpose-built event venues ...  Continue reading


81 to 90 of 1,766 blog posts