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Police, camera, action!

Poor obs

There you are, living out your misty TT fantasies when a copper goes and ruins it all.

Treble (points) all round!

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Dakar Rally 2014 has started

450 racers have started the 13 day rally across South America

On Sunday the 5th of January, 450 competitors from all four categories (motorcycles, quads, cars and trucks) started their first stage of the Dakar rally.

The competitors start in Rosario, Argentina, and will race 5,300 miles over the 13 stages before arriving in Valparaiso, Chile.

The average distance of each stage is 408 ...  Continue reading


Motorcyclist attempts to cross flash flood

Brave or stoopid?

Back in September Colorado suffered from serious flooding. Whilst most owners tend to keep their bikes away from large masses of fast-flowing water, rider Michael Henao takes on this water challenge.

He was able to recover his bike two weeks later and start rebuilding it. The question is, do you ...  Continue reading


Jorge Lorenzo gets all the birds

"Horrendous news for the seagull"

Remember this? Lorenzo hits a seagull during Q2 at Phillip Island. 

Watch the video: "Don't look if you're a vegetarian... Oh..Ohhh...Oh dear. Obviously horrendous news for the seagull but it's also not good news for Jorge Lorenzo."

Didn't stop Jorge from setting a lap record and taking pole though.

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Ultimate biking dream ‘Part 2’

One man’s Christmas dream comes true

WHAT'S that adage again? Oh yes, ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get.’ Well luckily we asked… And we got!

You may have read our recent post where Visordown reporter Luke Bowler entered Bennetts’ ‘Ultimate biking dream’ hoping for some chain lube.

Well, Bennetts have turned Luke’s ultimate biking dream ...  Continue reading


Dragging knee? pff drag helmet

Angles of lean: knee, elbow, helmet, crash

If you don't have scratches on your helmet you're not doing it right.

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Was this really your 'ultimate dream'?

Bennetts' 'ultimate biking dream' prizes include a helmet and gloves. Will Visordown's dream of chain lube be fulfilled?

BENNETTS is fulfilling a motorcyclist’s ‘ultimate biking dream’ every day between now and Christmas. At least that’s what the insurance firm says. A look through some of the past winners made us wonder if ‘affordable biking request’ might be a more fitting description.

They include Kevin Bartlett, who dreamed of a helmet and gloves, Carl Holdsworth, ...  Continue reading


Video: 'I'm on hands-free'

'Hello! I'm on a scooter. No, it's rubbish.'

A MAN rides a scooter backwards, standing up, no-handed, on the phone, without looking where he's going. We're not sure what's odder about this video; the fact he's doing it, or the impassive reaction of the policeman who sees him.

The man, whose surname is reportedly Gao, was filmed on Saturday riding backwards through ...  Continue reading


Leon Haslam, sliding the Fireblade SP

Awesome picture from the launch in Qatar

During the Fireblade launch I was first out behind Leon Haslam and after a few laps he started to showboat and I had the best seats in the house.

He tapped the back of his seat as we approached Turn 10, a left-hand hairpin and as banked into the turn and closed ...  Continue reading


Evolution of the Fireblade

A look at the model history of Honda's Fireblade and how it has developed over the past 21 years


The original FireBlade. 893cc, 16-inch front wheel and ultra-cool NSR-style drilled-holes in the fairing. List price, £7,390.

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81 to 90 of 1,709 blog posts