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Needs more front brake

The new monoblocks clearly work then

To be fair, he does avoid the collision.

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Cool compilation

‘Best of Web 4’

There are plenty of bike scenes in this ‘Best of Web’ video although a few more wouldn’t have hurt. Unlike the fall at 9:00.

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2014 Aprilia RSV4 SBK

Serious World Superbike porn alert

Hopefully a 12-year old is looking at this 2014 Aprilia RSV4 SBK wide-eyed, with his jaw on the floor in the same way I looked at Fogarty's 1994 Ducati 916 SBK twenty (shit, I feel old) years ago and the feelings he gets from seeing this Aprilia will spur him on ...  Continue reading


Aren't motorcycles brilliant?

Noticed how 'brilliant' motorcycles are these days? Motor Cycle News has

WE'RE not saying MCN's verdicts lack variation but here's a few of the weekly paper's recent headlines on just-ridden bikes:

‘Simply brilliant’ On the Kawasaki Z1000, November 27, 2013

‘Brilliant’ On the BMW S1000R, December 4, 2013

‘We thought it might be good. It's not: it's bloody brilliant!’ On the BMW R nineT, January ...  Continue reading


New car firm shows interest in bikes too

Qoros patents new electric moped

NORMALLY we wouldn’t get terribly excited about an electric moped but this as-yet-unreleased design comes from a new firm that’s already making waves in the car industry.

Qoros might not be a name you’re familiar with. The firm has yet to start selling cars in Europe, although that will change soon. But the reason ...  Continue reading


Wheelie through a chicane

Because knee-down is just old now

I like to think this is what I look like on track

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Motorcyclist chased by cows

Burnout sparks stampede

Motorcycles clearly still do it for the ladies, they can't get enough of him.

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750cc 2-stroke looks mean in green

Details are scarce on this bike. It was completely renovated in Germany by TGS Motorcycles last year. It’s based on a ’74 Kawasaki H2 and looks absolutely stunning. MASSIVE amounts of want.

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Only in Russia

Lesson #1: If an angle grinder is presented, stay in the car.

Russian motorcycle tool kit: spanners, allen keys and the trusty angle grinder for...mirrors.

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Do you ride, like... a Tossa?

Best motorcycle names #27

We recently stumbled across this Chinese rip-off of a Honda CBR250R, being sold under the Russian brand Geon.

Suzuki Freewind, Suzuki Intruder? Look-out, you've got company.

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81 to 90 of 1,753 blog posts