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Tree-mendous fun

Whilst Rossi’s Ranch might be an unachievable dream for the 99% of us, this guy proves you don’t necessarily need acres of space to have a little fun in your back garden.

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Dirt bike disasters

Motorcross mayhem

YouTuber Derek Hallman has put together this massive dirt bike crash compilation. Thankfully there’s no annoying music so you can hear the bikes in action (and not surprisingly the odd bit of salty language too).

There are plenty of big moments but I had my fingers crossed during the the ...  Continue reading


Hole in one

Ejector seats aren’t just for jets

The combination of smoking and 3-wheeler leads to an early grave for this Russian rider.

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Custom Honda P25 surveillance camera motorcycle

Paranoid much?

THIS custom Honda has four working Sony cameras installed into the bike’s frame and still functions as a motorcycle too.

Built by custom motorcycle builder Chicara Nagata for Mr. Kaku of Japan Security System Co., Nagata was asked to build a completely unique surveillance system for the company, one that had never been seen ...  Continue reading


Train passengers get free shower

Keep those windows closed

The London Underground could do with one of these guys through summer.

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Doofus: a stupid person

Was there even a girl there to impress?

I particularly enjoyed his reaction around the 11 second mark, the moment he realised it was all about to go wrong.

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Son joyrides his dad's Ducati 996 SPS...And crashes!

And costs him £5,000 to put right

According to the son (who uploaded the video), his parents - including his dad who owns the 996 SPS - were away on holiday.

So off he goes on his short test ride, 50 metres down the road and he's stacked it, apparently there was a small oil leak which caused him ...  Continue reading


Get your bike featured online

‘Bike EXIF for dummies’

A tongue-in-cheek guide to guarantee internet fame for your project bike. And if you need a suitable name and brand, just keep refreshing this link till you find something you like. I’m going with Whisky & Whisky…

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Rossi's Ranch

"It's like a dream from when you're a child you know. You hope that at one moment you can buy your own racetrack."

A true legend, and not just for his racing achievements.

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71 to 80 of 1,774 blog posts