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Police chase motorcycle through shopping centre

Now all we need is the Benny Hill theme tune

SKIP to 1.30m for the shopping centre action!

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Police motorcycle training fail

Lesson one: clutch control

LESSON two: picking the bike up and having another go at lesson one.

Northern Ireland's shocking new road safety video

Are they trying to improve driving or scare us off bikes?

MAYBE both. What do you think? Shocking or just morbid?

Video: why you shouldn't expect the road to be clear

Or stop on a blind corner

WAS this near-miss caused by the 'stupid' driver stopped on a blind corner or the 'idiots' who assumed he wouldn't be?

One YouTube user says: 'What was the car driver doing stopping in the middle of the road on a blind corner? Stupid.'

Another says: 'There's a 101 reasons there could be 101 obstacles in the ...  Continue reading


No one likes a motorcycle thief – except this one

Woman turns tables on bag snatcher by stealing his scooter

A BAG snatcher receives instant karma when his victim takes his scooter in this video from Malaysia.

The CCTV footage shows the rider pull up alongside the woman in an alley and grab her bag while brandishing a weapon. Instead of making a getaway on his scooter, he then runs off, leaving ...  Continue reading


Video: why you should get off your bike before filling up

Or at least pay attention to where the fuel's going

GOD knows we detest pointless health and safety rules here at Visordown, but it turns out there’s a reason petrol stations don’t like us refuelling from the seat.

It’s because, in the unlikely event of the bike bursting into flames, sitting on it is not where you will want to be – as ...  Continue reading


Video: Troy Bayliss' high-side at Phillip Island

Former WSB champ gets thrown out of the seat during free practice

THREE-time former World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss had his first high-side in over six years during practice for his recent wildcard return to the championship at Australia's Philllip Island.

The WSBK YouTube channel doesn't allow the video to be embedded into this page but you can watch it here.

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So it really is one rule for them and another for the rest of us

Traffic warden refuses to ticket boss' car

HERE'S what happened when an upstanding citizen challenged a parking warden for turning a blind eye to his boss' car on double yellows.

We think more people should be like Steve McMillan.

71 to 80 of 1,881 blog posts