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Motorcycle filters past police at 176mph

Street racer on Fireblade passes the police at crazy speeds

Life expectancy is not looking good for this one.

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Video: Want to feel good? Watch this

Rider risks own safety to help elderly man

NOT all motorcycle videos circulating on the web are ego-fuelled displays of extreme filtering or wheelies. Here's the proof there's more to us than that.  

From Russia with love.

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Video: jet fighter motorcycle

Known as the Jet Cycle Freedom 1

Starting life as a Honda GoldWing, Ron Galloops modified the bike to take on the looks of an F-106 Delta Dart jet fighter. It has a a glowing afterburner installed and will hit a top speed of 80mph.


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It's a bird... It's a plane...

No, it’s a 2002 Honda Silverwing

The tube strike will have caused misery for thousands of London commuters today. So it’s a shame that this Romanian superhero couldn’t help everyone out in our capital as he does in this clip.

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Cool highlights from the 2014 Bol D'or race

Slow-mos, crashes and pit stops

Some very neat highlights from this year's 24h Bol D'or race at Magny-Cours Circuit in central France.

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Evading a traffic fine: what’s your sob story?

'Do you think the speed limit doesn't apply to you?'

‘YOU, pull over!’ said the policeman as he pulled up alongside me.

I timidly rode to the next junction and pulled over as soon as I could. Before I had time to remove my helmet, I could hear the cliché ramblings of the militant officer who’d clearly woken up on the wrong ...  Continue reading



Never lose your bike again

Designers of the first self-homing-system for bikes laugh for joy as an early test proves their concept works.

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KTM 525 café racer

Roland Sands KTM 525 'Café Moto'

This is a Roland Sands designed KTM 525 café racer. Weighing only 113kg, making 60hp, and having some tasty steering geometry means it likely handles just as good as it looks.

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Why chain maintenance is important

Another crash caught by YouTuber rnickeymouse on Mulholland Drive

One of the comments on YouTube: 'that chain was so slack it looked like a cows vagina.' Sounds about right.

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71 to 80 of 1,787 blog posts