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Ronnie Pickering round-up

Who is Ronnie Pickering? Are you serious?

WHO is Ronnie Pickering? Millions have found out in the last couple of days thanks to the former amateur boxer’s row with a scooter rider.  

If you haven’t seen the road rage incident, you can watch it here

But it’s the dozens of subsequent YouTube parodies that ...  Continue reading


Honda 'Paper' advert

Another clever ad from Honda

WE wouldn't normally feature an advert in the Viral section, but this is Honda's latest, and as far as ads go, they're usually quite good.

This one's called 'Paper' and it takes you through six decades of Honda design using animation and hand drawn illustrations. It's not completely about bikes (they feature ...  Continue reading


Video: calm under stress or too fast for conditions?

Why you should probably slow down in monsoon rain

WE'RE not sure whether or not to be impressed with this rider, who does everything he can to protect his pillion except perhaps riding at an appropriate speed for conditions.

Luckily everyone seems okay in the end, although the pillion (girlfriend?) looks pretty shocked. 

The video was posted on a Thai YouTube channel ...  Continue reading


Honda employee says new Honda is good

Marc Marquez rides the Africa Twin

BACK when Valentino Rossi rode for Honda he was famously no fan of having to toe the corporate line and do the promo bit that’s part and parcel of being a works rider.

Mark Marquez certainly manages to look cheery enough in Honda’s latest video, during which he sings the praises of the ...  Continue reading


Video: Tom Sykes rides his H2R - and his H2R

One from 2015, one from 1974. Yes, we're jealous.

TOM Sykes is perhaps the only person in the world to own both a 2015 Ninja H2R and a 1974 H2R race bike, according to Kawasaki. 

Could that be because he's the only 1974 H2R owner to have been given a £41,000, 326hp, track-only Ninja H2R to go with ...  Continue reading


Video: follow the bear?

Nope, we’re not sure why a bear is riding a Ducati Scrambler either?

WE published a video of a real Russian encounter between bikes and a bear a few weeks ago but this one is slightly harder to fathom.

It looks like a viral ad – unless we’re mistaken and bears in Russia have really taken to riding Ducati Scramblers ...  Continue reading


Look, look, then look again. Then pull out regardless.

Motorcycle instructor fail

LOOKS like this chap had a lucky escape. Oh to be a fly on the wall at the post-ride debriefing.

Video: Ay, caramba! Extreme Colombian filtering

KTM Duke 390 rider takes a few calculated risks

IF you think your commute to work is frantic and fast-paced then watch this KTM Duke 390 owner in Colombia take filtering to the next level.

It's safe to say he's probably not Medellin's chief IAM instructor and we counted more than a couple of missed lifesaver looks. 

He's must have had an ...  Continue reading


Video: Extreme Russian river crossing

Is that a Ural or a speedboat?

WE'VE seen some ballsy riding in our time but these Russians crossing a raging river on a pair of Ural outfits deserve serious respect.

At one stage the water completely submerges the bikes but the undaunted riders keep the throttle pinned and somehow navigate safely to the bank.

Never mind the helmets, these ...  Continue reading


Video: Polish bike cop wheelies into action

Bike cop launches a pursuit in style

THIS bike cop in the Polish city of Gdańsk was allegedly caught on camera popping a wheelie as they began a pursuit.

Of course, we're sure it was all a complete accident caused by a pressing desire to uphold the law... but all the same, we can't help but admire the effortless style ...  Continue reading


31 to 40 of 1,881 blog posts