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Video: bike-building hipster spoof

'I usually use grinders because they make a lot of sparks. Sparks look legit.'

IF there's any contingent of motorcycling worthy of a good spoof video, it's the bike-building hipster bunch. 

This video is long overdue. And hilarious.

Biggest crashes from the 2014 Malaysian 'Cub' Prix

You don't need a fast bike to crash hard

Is 0.30s part of the race or a short from a comedy sketch?

Knee down in a sidecar

Rider or pillion, who's having more fun?

All performed on a closed course, obviously...

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How to make a DIY studded tyre for winter

Required parts: a drill, screws and lots of patience

Aside from looking like one of the most boring jobs in the world, would these even work? I'd have thought the weight of the bike would simply push the screw back into the inner tube.

Dakar bikes are tough as nails

British rider Sam Sunderland rips his KTM 450 around the Jebel Ali motocross track in Dubai

Always amazes me what these bikes are capable of. With a 35L tank capacity these bikes can weigh around 170kg fully fuelled.

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Video: Ducati Scrambler review

Like a 75hp V-twin VanVan, in the nicest possible way

Steve Farrell rides the new Ducati Scrambler at the world launch in California.

Read the full review 

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Old lady hit by motorcycle takes it like a champ

No Hondas were harmed in the making of this video...

Her fault to begin with but I'm impressed at how quickly she shakes off a hit from a CBF125.

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Video: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer review

Visordown road tests the new touring version of Yamaha's popular MT-09

Steve rides the new MT-09 Tracer at the world launch in Malaga, Spain. 

Read the full review and subscribe to Visordown's YouTube channel.

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So you can have fun on a Harley-Davidson

Rider attaches paraglider to cruiser

Is this proof that pigs can fly?

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31 to 40 of 1,824 blog posts