...a 300kg Dyna-cruiser Harley - with a mid-air heel click

THE only way most of us are likely to jump a Harley is by hurdling its very low seat. This chap, former free-style snowcross world champion Lee Stuart, not only does it but manages a mid-air heel click while he's at it. 


Some people should just stay at home for everyone's safety


...Cross the road without running into every bike in the city

TO be fair, we're not sure it was absolutely necessary for the CBR500R rider to abandon ship so hastily. 


Heard of the Oakland Raiders? These are the Oakland Riders.

IF EVER you needded proof that hooliganism isn't just the preserve of sportsbike and motocross riders, then check out this video. 


There’s going for an early morning blast and then there’s this

FOUR-TIME World Supersport champion Kenan Sofuoglu recently took to the road on a Kawasaki H2R and clocked a staggering 400kmh - 248.54mph - in an attempt to set a new production bike top speed record.


Including a blast around the Mountain

VISORDOWN ad man Kane Dalton rode a Kawasaki ZX-10R from London to the Isle of Man for the 2016 TT. Here's his trip, including a blast around the Mountain, condensed to seven minutes (We have no idea why he stopped at a farmers' auction and steam fair on the way there).


NO, this HJC helmet isn't being crushed as part of a rigorous testing regime by Snell or Sharp - it's being destroyed purely to see what a helmet looks like when it's crushed in a hydraulic press because watching objects get crushed is apparently a thing now, judging from the popularity of the videos on the Press Tube channel.

Anyway, is it us, or is there something vaguely hypnotic about watching this lid meets its maker? Just us, then....


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