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Vines motorcycle scrappage

Government-style scheme designed to help you cash in on your old bike when buying a new one from Vines BMW. Genius.


Following this year’s earlier Budget announcement about the government’s car scrappage scheme, Vines of Guildford BMW has created a similar scheme for motorcycles.

Bike owners with motorcycles bought five or more years ago will be given £1,000 off the list price of a new BMW motorcycle when using their old bike as ...  Continue reading


Freebies for Corsaro 1200

Moto Morini are offering an upgrade kit on a limited number of their 1200cc Corsaro motorcycles for summer 2009

Moto Morini are offering an special upgrade kit on a limited number of their 1200cc Corsaro motorcycles for summer 2009, that includes £1500-worth of performance and styling accessories at no extra cost. 

While stocks last, the Corsaro will be supplied with lightweight Termignoni silencers, comfortable gel seats for ...  Continue reading


I wish I was 17 again

Well, back in my day - which admittedly was only 10 years ago - there's not much I wouldn't have done to get one of these

One of the girls here at work has just passed her CBT and got a Yamaha YZF-R125 to tool around on. I saw it in the car park this morning when I came in and thought it was a new R6 at first glance. It's a beautiful thing, and it's quite ...  Continue reading


Got £99? Get a Ducati Monster

If you're not loaded up with enough debt already. You can add another few grand to the balance and grab yourself a new Monster

Ducati have announced a new finance package for their trusty naked, the Monster 696. Deposit £1843.70, make a first month's payment of £258 and then 35 more joy filled months of paying £99. The whole deal is on a 15.5% APR interest rate, which, like the bike, is Monster. Total amount ...  Continue reading


Motorcycle Fashion Do Example

Ladies (and gentlemen) be warned, this picture may induce multiple orgasms

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1,751 to 1,755 of 1,755 blog posts