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War veteran tribute V8 trike

Another interesting three-wheel concoction hits the streets

WE'RE NOT quite sure what to make of this one.

Granted, the custom built V8 trike is a work of art, along with the stunning finish of the paintjob, but don't you think it's alll just a bit OTT?

No prizes for guessing which country it's from...

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How to wheelie a - speedboat?

No wheels but still impressive...

WHEELIES aren't something you'd normallly associate with a boat but we thought this quick clip was worth a look.

Filmed in America, the video shows the boat lifting to some pretty serious angles under its own power.


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Jet washing – Good or bad?

Does jet washing your bike do more harm than good?

I’ve started using the local jet wash to keep the Ninja clean and in order. It’s a fast and easy way to keep the winter dirt at bay but I wonder if prolonged use could cause more harm than good?

My Dad always said “don’t ever jet wash your engine boy, you’ll ...  Continue reading


Kawasaki UK announce 2010 touring dates

Own a Kawasaki? Get involved with organised trip to the Loire Valley

KAWASAKI UK is offering an organised European touring holiday for owners of the company's motorcycles.

The trip is centered around the Loire Valley in central France, with the initial event running between 1 and 3 May 2010.

Priced at £450 for riders and £125 for pillions, the tour ...  Continue reading

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Blinged-up S1000RR in the making...

Stretched swingarm, custom wheels - check this build on BMW's new superbike

WE SPOTTED THIS on an owner's internet forum earlier today - a stripped down work-in-progress, S1000RR complete with custom wheels and lengthened swingarm.

We're not sure what the owner's got planned next, but we'll be keeping an eye on the progress.

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Hire a BMW S1000RR

Spyder Club gets BMW's new superbike on their fleet

SPYDER Club motorcycle hire club invites two wheeled enthusiasts to join them in southern Spain for 4 days of riding through the mountains of Andalusia on the Aprilia RSV4 Factory, Ducati’s 1198S and the company's latest arrival, BMW’s new S1000RR. 

Guests arrive from the 12th February with the final ...  Continue reading

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Video: Sheene: Magnificent 7

Bit of Bazza to perk up your Thursday morning...

GREAT BIT OF retro 1970s action for you this morning, with a quick Barry Sheene tribute video.

Complete with funky disco soundtrack, the short film traces the antics of Sheene at various points through his illustrious career.

It's all old hat, we know, but it's nice to see the ...  Continue reading

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VIDEO: Biker lands wheelie and crashes

See what happens when you land a wheelie and your handlebar snaps off

CHECK THESE nutters as they wheelie across Bay Bridge, San Francisco, USA.

One of the bunch lands a wheelie pretty hard, snapping his left-hand bar. Watch as the mayhem unfolds.

It's worth fast forwarding to the end to see the damage to the bike.

And he escaped unhurt

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Julien Dupont versus Budapest

Or is he 'working with' the enviroment?

A GREAT BIT of town centre action in this clip, as French trials ace Julien Dupont takes on the streets and parks of Budapest.

Watch him go!

Somehow, we can't see him getting away with that one in Westminster.

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Hilarious Lorenzo sidecar spoof

MotoGP sensation takes passenger on tour of Barcelona

CHECK OUT this cracking bit of video starring Spanish MotoGP sensation Jorge Lorenzo out and about on his scooter outfit on the streets of Barcelona.

Watch as the Fiat Yamaha man negotiates rush-hour traffic, suffers numerous breakdowns and gets pulled over by the Spanish cops.

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