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Meet Sylvain Guintoli and Tommy Hill

Worx Suzuki stars to make appearance at Poole Quay

FANCY MEETING Sylvain Guintoli in one of his only public appearances this year?

Then get over to the Poole Quay in Dorset next week when the flying Frenchie and Worx Crescent Suzuki stand-in rider Tommy Hill and their entire BSB team visit the popular bikers meet.

Bringing their 2009 specification GSX-R1000 British Superbikes ...  Continue reading

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10-seater Harley. Just what you need.

Not your average Harley built for Sturgis Rally

Ever gone to take your Harley for a spin and thought "You know, I wish this thing had a couple more seats, infact no, I wish it had 10".

Well, you might not have done that, I know I haven't, but one man who did was Steve Hopkins who built this bike ...  Continue reading


Aprilia's tribute to Biaggi's RSV4 win

Cool clip of Biaggi in action on various Aprilias over the years

Aprilia have produced this tribute video to celebrate Max Biaggi's first win on the new Aprilia RSV4 superbike. The whole Racing Division of Aprilia turned out to celebrate Biaggi's win back at the Aprilia Factory at Noale.

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Texting while driving. Funny cartoon

We've all been victim to the idiots who text while driving - you've just got to hope this cartoon contains an ounce of truth

I know I've seen my share of idiots dawdling along the motorway, veering left to right like a wonky bowling ball on its path to destruction. Best to steer well clear of them, while they try and bash out 140 characters without killing anyone in the process.

Let's just hope the Grim ...  Continue reading


Just givin' that truck a push

The best picture to land in my inbox this week

I don't think I need to say much about this pic. It was sent to me by a Visordown reader and I don't know whether I should be impressed, baffled, or just hold my head in my hands and start to sob.

Right now, I think however cool that might look, the ...  Continue reading


Anyone checked if Erik Buell is feeling alright?

We've never seen a new model (not) launched like this

We love different. We love entrepreneurialism. We love maverick. But we're not sure what to make of Erik Buell who has made a living from having a healthy dose of all three.

You may not have heard of the Buell Blast but it was a bike that Buell have been making for ...  Continue reading


50 Cent: not the sharpest knife in the drawer

US rapper proves money can't buy common sense

Now I like a bit of 50 Cent as much as the next man, but judging by this pic he's got rich and is gonna die tryin'. Someone needs to teach the US rap star a thing or two about motorcycles.

Number 1: That thing resting on your head. You've got it ...  Continue reading


Time.com reckon it's a UFO landing pad

Time magazine have a list of top-10 Google Earth finds and reckon this is a UFO landing pad. I reckon they need to back off the double-espressos

Time magazine is usually the bastion of all things worldy and sensible, but in a recent feature of theirs titled Top 10 Google Earth Finds we just had to pick holes in their over-imaginitive offerings.

At number three is this offering above, found on a US-Army base near Thetford Forest in the ...  Continue reading


I've got 15 DVDs to give away

Actually very good MotoGP DVD could be yours, but only if you're quick

I've got 15 copies of the A-Z of MotoGP on my desk (well, 16 actually, but I'm keeping one for myself) and I'm going to be giving them away to the first 15 people who take a picture (on their phone or with a camera or whatever) of the new Visordown ...  Continue reading


A change from the usual Rossi rep

Cycling-mad MotoGP fan takes ultra-expensive push-bike and creates beautiful Rossi rep

We love the look of this ultra-expensive Colnago push-bike, put together by a cycling-freak who's also a MotoGP fanatic. Respect to him for this tasty bit of work. But the whole lot probably cost the same as a new R1. And we know what we'd rather go 'round France on.

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