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Graph of 30 years of superbike development

The evolution of the power/weight motorcycle over the last 30 years

WE SPOTTED this on French site Motorevue earlier today:

The two charts plot the evolution of the typical weight and power characteristics of key motorcycles over the last 40 years.

It's a simple but striking bit of info, plotting the increase in power and the decrease in weight of some of the iconic machines that changed the ...  Continue reading

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Dave Grohl stars in Harley-Davidson ad

We didn't know Dave Grohl was a biker, so that makes him even cooler

Check out this cool ad from Harley-Davidson featuring Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Watch out, naughty Dave swears a bit...

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Glad I don't commute in Vietnam

Just when I thought the trip home down Embankment in London was hard work...

This video popped into my inbox from Visordown reader Mike Webb and it shows a typical day in Vietnam. There's a lot of patience going on in there. You'd have a full scale fight in London if it was as busy as that...

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Chris Martin's massive Brands crash

Check out this video of the very lucky Chris Martin's massive get-off at Brands

We rated Chris Martin as the luckiest rider from the Brands Hatch BSB meeting. Chris suffered a broken ankle after the crash, but after you've seen the video, you'll be amazed his injuries weren't worse.

Get well soon Chris.

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"You f'ed up the best f'ing race of the year"

AMA technical director caught on video chastising AMA privateer Johnny Page

I don't know where to start with this. But it's clear that AMA is in a complete state at the moment, what with Mat Mladin retiring. I feel sorry for AMA race fans most of all.

So check out this video of a confrontation between privateer Johnny Page and the (now ...  Continue reading


Harris makes that Fireblade slide

Great shot of Karl Harris in action from Mallory

Mallory is but a distant memory for the British Superbike circus, but leafing through some images while looking to setup a 'Khal Harris vs. Karl Harris' feature, I stumbled across this image of Karl Harris absolutely on it at Mallory exiting Devil's Elbow. Respect.

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The world's fastest fire engine

New Nurburgring Rapid Response Vehicle will be helping to mop up the post-spill carnage that's part and parcel of a day at the' Ring

With a lap-record time of 7m26s, Nissan's R35 Skyline has been causing quite a stir and many a pant-wetting moment in the car world. Now the operators of the Nordschleife have introduced an R35 Skyline as their Rapid Response Vehicle.

This stripped out, R35 features bucket-seats, a rollcage and a massive fire-extinguisher ...  Continue reading


Motorcycle meets - LA style

They sure know how to put on a rocking party in LA, as these pictures show

Well known calendar company FastDates recently put on a motorcycle meet to, presumably, celebrate the launch of a new calendar (although we thought they were best launched at the start of a year). Still, we'd buy any excuse to put on a biker meet like this.

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Guernsey: not known for their burnouts

Burnout competition ends in one bike catching on fire, which I suppose deems it a success?

If you've never heard of the Hogwash Motorbike Show, then that's probably because you don't live in Guernsey. Here's a clip from the final of a burnout competition and it leaves me wondering - just how many fire extinguishers do you need to put out a fire? Answer? Well, watch the ...  Continue reading


Please BMW: don't build this

Concept 3-wheeler scooter emerges from photoshoppers bedroom. This is not the direction we want to see

BMW have taken a rapid step in the right direction, what with their K1300S, S1000RR and F800R. Recently rumours have been flying around that BMW are to produce a scooter, possibly a hybrid. And while we know it's well within their means, we'd rather they concentrated on the sharpening the cutting ...  Continue reading


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