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I've got 15 DVDs to give away

Actually very good MotoGP DVD could be yours, but only if you're quick

I've got 15 copies of the A-Z of MotoGP on my desk (well, 16 actually, but I'm keeping one for myself) and I'm going to be giving them away to the first 15 people who take a picture (on their phone or with a camera or whatever) of the new Visordown ...  Continue reading


A change from the usual Rossi rep

Cycling-mad MotoGP fan takes ultra-expensive push-bike and creates beautiful Rossi rep

We love the look of this ultra-expensive Colnago push-bike, put together by a cycling-freak who's also a MotoGP fanatic. Respect to him for this tasty bit of work. But the whole lot probably cost the same as a new R1. And we know what we'd rather go 'round France on.

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Ralf, 43, recaptures youth then lobs it

Former 250cc frontman returns and departs in style

FORMER 250cc frontrunner Ralf Waldmann fell off during the early stages of the 250GP while making a dramatic return to racing at Donington Park this weekend. 

It's been nine years since the likeable German secured his last victory; this time Waldmann was stand-in for injured rider Vladimir Leonov.

The 43-year-old was running slicks on ...  Continue reading


Ronnie Renner - big balls

We get vertigo with thick socks on - check this nutter

DAREDEVIL MOTOCROSS star Ronnie Renner has broken his own world record with a jump of 63 feet, 5 inches on a quarter pipe.

On Saturday at Chicago's Butler Field at Grant Park, in front of a cheering crowd, Renner launched himself  over 63 feet above ground, blasting the world record he set last year.

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Tron Legacy movie trailer - impressive

A tasty taster of what's to come on the much-anticipated Tron sequel

HERE'S SOME awesome HD footage from the new movie 'Tron Legacy'.

Powerslides, wheelies, jumps: it's all a far cry from the original 1980s classic.

Expect the new movie at screens near you sometime next year.

To all that have asked:

Jack Sh*t is the fictional cartoon character from the 1980's futuristic comic strip 'Bloodrunners'

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Moto2 is winning me over. Slowly.

We're luddites when it comes to embracing the replacement class for the GP250s, but these latest pics have got me kinda excited

I love 2-strokes and I love watching the GP250 class as much as MotoGP, so I greeted the news of the 600ss replacement class with about as much excitement as unwrapping another pair of socks for your birthday.

But I have to admit, these two pics of the new Moto2 class have ...  Continue reading


Rossi: Dovi owes me 10 euros!

Valentino makes a rare mistake at Donington, was he feeling Dovizioso's pressure?

Sunday's MotoGP race at Donington was a weird one, but a really enjoyable race all the same. Strange to see both Ducati's plodding away at the back and even stranger to see Rossi make a mistake. Was it Rossi's doing or was he feeling the pressure from Dovizioso? I'm not sure.

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Pic from Donington GP practice

Wet weather again at Donington. Oh what a surprise..

It's that time of the year again, MotoGP comes to the UK and it buckets down. Surprise surprise.

This picture was allegedly taken half an hour ago from Donington, when Rossi was on a hot lap during free practice.

Will Stoner spend the weekend slagging off the track and blaming the planes for ...  Continue reading


Is this worth 70 grand?

Classic British motorcycle icon, the Vincent Black Shadow, smashes records at Bonhams

OVER £2MILLION was raised at The Boat Tent at Henley-on-Thames as international auctioneers Bonhams sold off the Ward Brothers’ Reserve Collection on Saturday 18 July - £69,000 of the total came from a Vincent Black Shadow.

The auctioned contained numerous rare cars and many vintage motorcycles, including: a 1927 Scott, which had been raced on the Isle of Man by ...  Continue reading


VIDEO: Corser and Heidfeld swap BMW S1000RR and F1 car at the Nurburgring

Aussie Superbike racer and F1 fast boy try out each other's machinery at super-fast German track

WSB racer Troy Corser and Formula One fast man Nick Heidfeld recently swapped their BMW race machinery for a lap of the Nürburgring circuit.


Corser, who got to drive Heidfeld’s 700 horsepower car, said:

"It was just awesome! The car feels so balanced, the brakes are fantastic, the tyres have unbelievable grip and ...  Continue reading

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