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Calling all hungry Valentino Rossi fans

Crafty Italian food seller cashes in on Rossi's success

"Get your panini here...
"Get your Valentino panini here...
"Get your Valentino Rossi panini here..."
Why not? Bloody good idea chap.

I bet he does a good line in nine-egg panini!

Mmm. I feel a bit peckish...

Wonder if Vale's getting a cut of the profits?

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Sugo: Great racetrack, awful kahzis

Visordown's man in Japan continues his synopsis of oriental dunnies

IN THE high-tech World of the Japanese flushing toilet, it’s nice to know that some things just don’t change.

Race track toilets, that’s what I’m talking about. Even here in Japan, where some toilets play soft music while delivering an invigorating sphincter valeting, it’s a grounding experience to discover that ...  Continue reading


Is this Honda's inspiration for mass-centralisation

Our man in Tokyo checks in after discovering where Honda engineers get their design cues from

SORRY TO keep carpin’ on about porcelain bathroom products but this beauty, I think, is of great motorcycling significance. Feast on its elegant lines and classical, elegant beauty.

Combining an integral hand basin (with a nifty electrically operated water pump in the cistern lid) this john not only provides ingenious space saving ...  Continue reading


Honda VFR1200F Launch: Tokyo (no) Show

Jet-lagged Visordown globetrotter reports back from quirky Japanese extravaganza

IF YOU'VE never been to the Tokyo show before, let me tell you this: you’re missing nowt.

‘You picked a bad year to come,’ said the Yamaha designer and he was spot on. Three halls of mainly Japanese car manufacturers and lots of empty spaces wasn’t exactly what I had ...  Continue reading


Honda VFR1200F launch: Even the toilet has ABS

It's my first time in Japan, and I'm already baffled by the technology. And that's just in the hotel bathroom...

Just touched down in Tokyo after a twelve-hour flight from Heathrow and, as a total Japan virgin, I can tell you it’s all as weird as you’d probably imagine. Check out my hotel room’s toilet with inbuilt electronic arse power washing facility. Going to check that bad boy out as soon ...  Continue reading


Geeky snippets ahead of the Phillip Island MotoGP

Get your anoraks out, here are some MotoGP facts for all you race fans out there

Valentino Rossi has finished on the podium eleven times in his twelve visits to Phillip Island across all three GP classes. The only race at Phillip Island that he did not finish in the top three was on his first visit riding a 125cc machine in 1997 when he finished sixth. ...  Continue reading


You wish you had these skills!

And frankly, so do I. Check out this video of a future trials star, HÃ¥kon Pedersen

Check out this young lad with some serious bike control. A steep slope, wet concrete and a trials bike. I'd be there all day and still end up on my arse.

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"That's one small step for man..."

Jorge Lorenzo unveils special NASA paintjob for this weekend's Portuguese GP

TO CELEBRATE the 40th anniversary of man's first steps on the moon, Fiat Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo will wear an astronaut-style paint job on his helmet at this weekend's Portuguese GP.

The Spaniard's lid has been sprayed to look a little like a spaceman's helmet and has Neil Armstrong's immortal words: "That's ...  Continue reading


Keep cool, says Rossi

Ice packs within the rider's helmet? Now there's a novel idea

MOTORCYCLE SUPERSTAR Valentino Rossi has been working in collaboration with Italian helmet giant AGV to help racers keep a cool head when out on the track.

Trials have been conducted to assess the benefits of using ice cool gel packs within a rider's helmet to help fight the heat ...  Continue reading

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A biker-friendly beer?

Scottish manufacturer launches 1.1 per cent beer: 'Nanny State'

A SCOTTISH brewer criticised for manufacturing Britain's strongest ale has answered his critics by launching the weakest - and calling it Nanny State.

Brewdog came under fire earlier this year when they put on sale Tokyo - a beer with an 18.2% alcohol content. The company hope their new 1.1% ...  Continue reading


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