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Who needs a bucket and sponge anyway?

Essential winter survival kit for your bike

If you use your bike daily then you’ll know that keeping it clean in the winter is a tricky job. So I’m all up for fast and simple ways to keep my ZX-6R clean through the winter.

At the NEC bike show I picked up some Soapstar cleaning pads. Basically they are ...  Continue reading


We will exterminate!

Biker makes best use of mobility scooter after losing leg in bike crash

THIS ONE may be a couple of years old but it gave us all a laugh at Visordown HQ.

Take one mobility scooter, a stack of MDF board and a wild imagination and you've got the ingredients for a whole new way of getting about town.

What a legend!

Has anyone seen this bloke ...  Continue reading

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Snowed in? Well, me and the ZX-6R are!

Britain’s extreme weather strikes again!

For the second time this year ive got up in the morning, gone to leave for work and found this sitting in my garden.

Usually I leave the ZXR under cover, but last night I knew it may be tricky getting out of the garden so I had it lined up and ...  Continue reading

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Think you can take a good picture?

Red Bull is looking for the next action sports snapper - could it be you?

FOLLOWING THE success of the first Red Bull Illume Image Quest, the world’s biggest photography contest for action and adventure sports now returns for a new edition – and you can be part of it!

With the first contest already resulting 2000 international photographers submitting their pictures and the 50 ...  Continue reading

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Ever fitted rocket launchers to your bike?

No? Neither have we. But, this guy has.

Only in America. That's all I'm saying.

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Tyre warmers for the daily commute

Well, they're lying in my garage and haven't seen any action recently, so...

Ducati's Streetfighter is a serious bit of kit. It's actually perfect for my daily commute, if not, slightly extravagant. It's narrow, nimble and precise. The engine's packing so much punch, you can scythe your way through the tiniest of gaps at a moment's notice.

The Pirelli Diablo III Corsa tyres are impressive ...  Continue reading


Think Bike? Nah...

Latest safe riding campaign from the RideSafe Backsafe initiative

The RideSafe BackSafe campaign want to raise awareness and it'sa worthy campaign. You can visit their website at www.ridesafebacksafe.co.uk

As you can see, I've mucked about with the car sticker they sent me. But it looks much better..

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The freshest pizza you'll ever get delivered?

This will be the most bizarre video you watch today. Infact, all week. Bloke makes a pizza while riding his Fireblade and delivers it, piping hot..

I don't know where to start with this one. It's very odd. On a German TV programme, this bloke reckons he can make and cook a pizza while riding his Fireblade. He's got an oven mounted on his tank! He also manages to make a quick salad and pour a glass ...  Continue reading

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Custom R1 for Riders for Health

Flash R1's paintjob created by Rossi's lid designer. Features Ohlins and Akrapovic. Could be yours.

This R1 will be auctioned in 2010 to raise money for Riders for Health.

The bike was donated by Yamaha and the paintjob was designed by Aldo Drudi - the guy behind Rossi's helmet designs. See the similarity?!

It features Ohlins suspension, Roland Sands wheels and an Akrapovic system. The auction will take ...  Continue reading


Michael Jackson vs. Mr Bean on a scooter

I'm not sure what's going on here. And I'm not sure you'll know either..

I'm not saying anything, just watch. It's weird, but funny.

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