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"They don't pay me enough to ride that thing"

King Kenny said it in the 1970s and he's still not changed his mind

KING KENNY Roberts thrilled modern MotoGP riders including Hayden and Rossi with some amazingly spirited demonstration laps of his fearsome 700 two-stroke dirt-tracker at Saturday night’s Indianapolis Mile oval-track.

“I said then: They don’t pay me enough to ride this thing,” he said. “That’s still true.”

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Your questions for Leon Camier

Visordown are interviewing Leon Camier, so put your questions to the BSB championship leader

VISORDOWN MAGAZINE is chatting with 2009 BSB Championship leader Leon Camier later this week, so now's your chance to question the Airwaves Yamaha hotshot.

Quiz Leon about his infamous Cadwell femur-snapping accident, his chances of racing in Moto2 next year, or even his silly haircut.

It's over to you. Send your questions to visordown.beta@gmail.com or ...  Continue reading

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If you go down to Rossi's home town today...

...you're sure of a big surprise

WE ALL KNOW how passionate the Italians are about their racing heros. So it may come as little surprise to find out that Valentino Rossi's home town of Tavullia is preparing for the Grand Prix of San Marino at Misano circuit in their own unique way.

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Ring-a-ding-a-ding-ding goes Schwantz's RGV500

Suzuki mechanics warm up Kevin Schwantz's 1993 Suzuki RGV500 before his demo laps at Indianapolis GP

LISTEN IN as veteran Suzuki GP mechanics warm-up Kevin Schwantz's title-winning RGV500, prior to his demonstration ride at Indianapolis Raceway last weekend.

The former 500cc Champion lapped the Grand Prix circuit, while waving to the crowd. He even popped the odd wheelie.

Aaah, you can almost smell the two-stroke fumes...

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Rob Hoyles' Blade gets the double whammy

Rob 'remodels' his Blade

News on the Fireblade has been a little scarce on the ground of late, for which I can only apologise.

So, what, have I done to the Fireblade this month?

Well, I've erm, remodelled it somewhat, following not one, but two crashes at Brands Hatch over the weekend.

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Travis Pastrana record attempt teaser

What amazing feat will this talented daredevil attempt next?

LOOK, it's a Friday so what better time to show you this... a new teaser trailer for Travis Pastrana about his next World Record attempt.

It's a beautiful bit of film clearly underlining the American's modern rivalry with Aussie star Robbie Maddison.

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"Ere, what's in the bag, mate?"

Aussie biker hands in killer python - and runs

A BIKER in Australia anonymously handed in two giant alligator-eating pythons to Perth reptile centre, earlier this week.

A senior official said a man arrived on a motorcycle at the Armadale Reptile Centre.

"He kept his helmet on while handing over the bag and a note to staff," said Rick Dawson.

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The solution to a pricey GPS mount

So you've forked out on your motorbike, then got yourself a GPS device and you're left with no money for a mount...

So you've gone out and bought your BMW R1200GS, you're ready to circumnavigate the globe's toughest roads - or ride over some potholes on your way to work - but you've got a dilemma: no way to mount your GPS device!

So what you should do is exactly what this chap's done ...  Continue reading

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SHARP ratings: who cares? These guys don't

Do you need the latest race-rep £500 lid? Not if you're from Trinidad

Who needs SHARP ratings when you've got a bucket and a builder's hard hat? Not these guys, clearly. It's good to know they've got what looks like a proper lid protecting the bike's clocks - you don't want to damage those..

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Honda V4 video, hear the new Honda V4

Honda video gives us a taste of the noise their new V4 is producing...

Here's a new video from Honda, drumming up interest in their new V4. It's kinda nice, doesn't give much away but get to the end of the video (around 1m20secs in) and you'll hear Honda's new V4.

So it's official, they've made it and it'll be out in 2010. Question is, what ...  Continue reading

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