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Video: Zero marks for road reading

Many Manx people love the TT but they probably get fed up with this sort of thing

REPORTEDLY, everyone survived this avoidable crash on the Isle of Man's Mountain Road.   

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Video: Duck now!

Let's hope he had trackday insurance

The uploader KW Parrish said: "I am fine. Walked away a little dizzy, confused, bumped and bruised. Oh, and pretty angry."

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Two crashes, one corner

What are the odds?

'Both riders recovered fully. Bikes did not make it.'

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Video: stunts in pants

The stunts are quite good but is that why 64,000 people have watched this video?

Stunts can get repetitive and boring after a while. The solution? A bikini, obviously.

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Helmet hammer test

In the red corner we have a Marushin 777 Samura, winner of 5 Sharp safety rating stars. In the blue corner we have a Chinese RZO. Who will win?

Earlier this week it was reported that crash helmets that could ‘increase chance of death’ had been seized by Trading Standards. This short homemade video clearly demonstrates the differences between a Marushin helmet and a cheap Chinese helmet when both are faced with angry hammer.

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Video: Call the motorcycle cruelty hotline

It really does beg the question - why?

And a fairly anticlimactic ending to watching a motorcycle redline for 11m 30s.

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Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Around the world in 360 degrees

Fancy riding somewhere a little different? Three years in the making, this ‘selfie’ video by adventure rider Alex Chacón is inspiring stuff. Even more so when you realise he’s raised plenty of money for orphanages along the way.

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Fastest bike in the world - onboard video

Onboard video of the Top 1 Oil Ack Attack Streamliner reaching a peak speed of 394mph

Rocky Robinson breaks the motorcycle land speed record using the Top 1 Streamliner powered by a 1000hp turbocharged twin-Hayabusa engine setup to reach an average speed of 376mph.

It's old... But cool nonetheless.

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Motorcycle filters past police at 176mph

Street racer on Fireblade passes the police at crazy speeds

Life expectancy is not looking good for this one.

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101 to 110 of 1,826 blog posts