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Intermot 2014: Babe gallery

Apparently some new motorcycles were revealed at this show

BUSY as we are at international bike shows, we somehow always find time to photograph a few of the hottest humans of the woman variety.

Here’s a few who could be seen generally brightening up the show stands at Intermot in Cologne this week. 

Sexist? You’re the one reading.

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A quick walk around the 300hp Kawasaki Ninja H2 'R'

Take a closer look at this track weapon

Visordown is REALLY looking forward to testing this one...

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Woman jumps red light next to police rider

If she can't see him, what hope have the rest of us got?

Footage captured on Marylebone Road near Westminster Magistrates' Court, where the driver may soon be making an appearance.

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The perils of FMX riding

He'll be choosing the optional grippy seat next time

Could have ended far worse, 8/10 for landing.

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Video: Woman vs litter louts

We've always argued motorcyclists make the roads a better place

WISH we had the balls to do this...

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Angry driver in the wrong shouts at biker

Takes a big man to apologise. This man was small.

So much wrongness in one video, someone was having a really bad day.

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Knee-dragging rider scoops up GoPro from road

Multitasking at its finest

Another fine video from YouTuber 'rnickeymouse', filmed on Mulholland Highway.

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The new module 1 swerve test?

This is the one time you don't want ABS

And just in case pulling across four lanes of traffic wasn't enough, look at how the same driver almost runs over a pedestrian on the other side of the road.

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Two ‘brand new’ Suzuki RG500s up for sale

How much is too much?

THESE two strokers are up for sale in Melbourne, Australia. One is a standard production RG500, the other is a pre-production model previously owned by Suzuki Australia.

According to the owner, neither has ever been started or even had fuel in them (questionable as both have mileage on the clock…).

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101 to 110 of 1,859 blog posts