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Motorcyclist chased by cows

Burnout sparks stampede

Motorcycles clearly still do it for the ladies, they can't get enough of him.

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750cc 2-stroke looks mean in green

Details are scarce on this bike. It was completely renovated in Germany by TGS Motorcycles last year. It’s based on a ’74 Kawasaki H2 and looks absolutely stunning. MASSIVE amounts of want.

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Only in Russia

Lesson #1: If an angle grinder is presented, stay in the car.

Russian motorcycle tool kit: spanners, allen keys and the trusty angle grinder for...mirrors.

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Do you ride, like... a Tossa?

Best motorcycle names #27

We recently stumbled across this Chinese rip-off of a Honda CBR250R, being sold under the Russian brand Geon.

Suzuki Freewind, Suzuki Intruder? Look-out, you've got company.

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Colonel Sanders steals Dainese jacket

Theft at Moto Liberty shop in Dallas

Courage? Check.

Covert white Colonel Sanders hand-me-down stealth suit? Check.

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The fastest way to hospital

Survival gland removed

A lesson on how not to filter. Luckily, this guy represents 0.001% of bikers.

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Biker friendly Barden Ridge

..unless you bump into Pamela

You might end up with more than a few dents in your door, Pamela...

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World's best* stuntman

Nothing if not dedicated

*other stuntmen may infact be better but watch this video and you'll be hard-pressed to find one better than this.

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Wood chopper

Shouldn’t that be a Husqvarna?

The device on the back of this Kawasaki looks like something off Robot Wars. Now I’m not sure if that guy is sawing firewood wood or about to make a new pair of shoes. But either way, please don’t slip on the ice.

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I'm buying a Honda SH300i scooter

But you could stop that happening

I want to buy a second bike to get across town on the daily commute as I currently ride a 183bhp ZX-10R to work and while it's a peach of a bike, it tempts me into doing bad things on a daily basis. This has to stop.

My criteria is fairly simple: I want something that is ...  Continue reading


101 to 110 of 1,767 blog posts