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BMW Concept Roadster fired up

Exhaust heaven from BMW's R1200R concept bike

BMW fired up the Concept Roadster and took it for a few laps around the hotel courtyard at the R1200R International press launch in Alicante yesterday.

We got this little taster of the exhaust note whilst they were at it!

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Video: When GoPros attack

This is why track schools don't like on-board cameras

THERE'S a reason track day organisers get nervous about helmet and on-board cameras and this is it.

Posted on LiveLeak two days ago, the video shows rider Barry Reynolds taking a hit from a flying GoPro at 160mph during a track day at Texas World Speedway. The camera had fallen off a ...  Continue reading


Worried about deer in the road? It could be worse…

Elephants always have right of way

A SERIES of videos on YouTube shows what happens when motorcycles and the world’s biggest land animals meet.

Shot in Chapramari Forest in eastern India, the videos show elephants emerging from the trees and chasing bikes along the road.

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Rossi's overtake at the 2014 Monza Rally Show

Number 46 showing he's just as fast on four wheels as he is on two

Valentino showing the world that he's still got it.

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Dog shows off single-cylinder motorcycle impression

With a towel on his head

Questionable headwear but a great impression nonetheless.

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Watch 'The Unrideables 2' - Full film

The Rainey days

A documentary recalling one of the scariest and greatest eras in motorcycle racing history and the legendary riders that rode the 500cc GP bikes.

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Near miss with kangaroo!

The dangers of riding Down Under

Reckon his heart 'skipped' a beat?


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Bad policing

Is this the angriest US cop ever?

Slightly different to THIS policeman's approach.

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Ducati's 2015 Multistrada 1200 up close

Visordown gets all up close and personal with the new Multi

NEW looks, more power and torque, and cornering ABS for Ducati's '4-in-1 bike'.

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101 to 110 of 1,881 blog posts