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Module 3 of the A2 motorcycle test

Hold a slide for three seconds or you don't get a licence

This is the 'slide bike' at California Superbike School. I want a go, and then I want one for the road.

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Kawasaki Ninja H2 café racer concept

Because a 296hp sports bike wasn't mad enough

Just in from the Gannet Design drawing board is this café racer concept of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 R.

Usefulness of a 296hp supercharged wide-barred retro bike aside…I like it. It's got an essence of BMW's R1200R concept about it, except with added bite. 

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English Bulldog waves to other biker

As if he wasn't already cool enough with those goggles

This dog should be an accessory on every fuel tank.

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Video: Dani Pedrosa drops MotoGP bike at about 1mph

Lack of low speed control or just a silly mistake?

Just last week we saw Pedrosa successfully pull of a 174mph stoppie shortly before getting his elbow on the deck.

This week, he looks like he's having his first go on two wheels.

Pedrosa's talent is unquestionable, but is there a chance he's simply out of touch with slow speed riding?

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Kawasaki Ninja H2R revving on stage

The angry growl of 296hp

Kawasaki US PR manager Kevin Allen giving the H2 R some throttle. What a noise!

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Spectator calmly jumps over crashing dirt bike

...whilst on the phone

'Apologies, just had to pull off a swan dive to avoid my legs being broken, happens all the time.'

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Video: Dani Pedrosa 174mph stoppie

Braking from 174mph to 55mph…apparently you don't need a rear wheel

Rossi gets a front row seat as #26 piles into turn 11 at Motegi in FP1 on Friday morning.

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Number plate flies off and embeds in bike behind

A bit like a throwing star, but a number plate

Bit of polish…should buffer right out.

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Intermot 2014: Babe gallery

Apparently some new motorcycles were revealed at this show

BUSY as we are at international bike shows, we somehow always find time to photograph a few of the hottest humans of the woman variety.

Here’s a few who could be seen generally brightening up the show stands at Intermot in Cologne this week. 

Sexist? You’re the one reading.

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101 to 110 of 1,868 blog posts