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Mackenzie's thoughts on Motovudu 2

Crafar's new book, out now

A highlight of Motorcyclelive this year was catching up with old buddy Simon Crafar.  Two years ago he launched his excellent DVD and book ‘Motovudu: The Dark Art of Performance’, which I thought was a must have for any track day rider keen to improve their skills. 

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Live For Myself, Answer To Nobody

Steve McQueen tribute special

An exhibition showing previously unseen photos of the 'King of Cool' is always going to be err, cool. Taking part on the top floor of a Soho car park, 'Live For Myself, Answer To Nobody' is an exhibition that pays tribute to the late Hollywood anti-hero and racing fanatic Steve McQueen.
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Two-wheeled burnout

A world first

Not getting enough attention from your regular burnouts? In that case, you’ll need something like this upgraded 'all wheel drive' KTM 990 Adventure* to double your fun.

*And a chain. Soft rock is optional.

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How not to panic brake

Why you don't grab a handful of brake at full lean

BOSCH'S recently launched Motorcycle Stability Control system can stop you losing the front in corners. Unfortunately, this bloke doesn't have it on his CBR250R.

You've probably seen a video or two of crashes on this corner of California's Mulholland Highway. Locals call it 'The Snake' and crashing on it seems to be the thing ...  Continue reading


That Hesketh logo

It reminds me of something...

Is it just me or does the Metallica logo look like it's been a major inspiration for the designer of the new Hesketh logo?

Can we expect to see some more Hesketh moves based on the band's tracks, we've already had Enter Sleeman, let's hope anyone who puts down a deposit doesn't get The Day ...  Continue reading


Hot girl on a Vespa

How to make men want a Vespa. Yes, we really are that simple

THERE must be something very appealing about the new Vespa Primavera because we can't stop looking at the marketing shots of it. Perhaps you can help us work out what it is.

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475cc NS400R. Marquez and Spencer.

Is Marquez better than Spencer? Mackenzie looks at the numbers.

Winter may be here but I seem to be as busier than ever, maybe the economy is finally turning around.

At my last UK track day of the year I had some fun testing this little beauty.  It’s a late eighties NS400 triple bored out to 475cc and it felt sweet as I ...  Continue reading


101 to 110 of 1,709 blog posts