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Video: How not to take revenge

The rider looks really annoyed. He will be now

WE bet this rider is wishing he’d taken a deep breath and counted to 10 instead of losing his temper with a car driver.

Video shows the moment the motorcyclist lashed out with his leg at a Ford Fiesta, only to catch his foot the car’s wing mirror and go tumbling off his bike.

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Lit Motors C-1

The bike equivalent of a Weeble

Ever wondered what you get if you cross a Ducati 916 with a small car? No? I hadn’t either to be honest but it would appear you get an ‘untippable’ motorcycle. Hopefully you can at least tip it into corners…

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Spiderman motorcycle crash

Spiderman paintjob, toilet lid seat cowl, throttle blip overkill and multiple stalls. Was it ever going to turn out any other way?

The dreaded U-turn strikes again.

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Video Review: Yamaha MT-125

We test Yamaha's smart but aggressive MT-125 on the streets of Barcelona

Read our more in-depth review here

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Yamaha MT-125 and YZF-R125 Ambassador Event

Yamaha flew six competition winners out to the press launch of their MT-125 and revised YZF-R125. This is how it went...

Filmed in Barcelona and edited by Yamaha Motor Europe.

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Road rage ends badly for bikers

A bunch of bikers get more than they bargained for

I was rooting for the car on this occasion.

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Cody jumps Skip

Stunt performed at the Cameron Airshow

Last weekend FMX rider Cody Elkins jumped over Skip Stewart. No big deal until you realise Skip was piloting a plane at the time. Impressive stuff.

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Video: Zero marks for road reading

Many Manx people love the TT but they probably get fed up with this sort of thing

REPORTEDLY, everyone survived this avoidable crash on the Isle of Man's Mountain Road.   

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Video: Duck now!

Let's hope he had trackday insurance

The uploader KW Parrish said: "I am fine. Walked away a little dizzy, confused, bumped and bruised. Oh, and pretty angry."

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101 to 110 of 1,833 blog posts