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Video: Ariel Ace review

Visordown road tests the new 173hp Ariel Ace

Visordown road tests the new 173hp Ariel Ace. What's it like to ride £20,000 worth of motorbike?

Apologies for the lack of engine audio on this occasion, we were low on equipment and had to make do with onboard cameras!

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How To Crash 101

Crash on a road with a cliff backdrop? This is how you want to go down.

Not even his Rossi Rep lid could save him from that crash.

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Dozy drivers

Wakey wakey

Honestly, you’d think some people behind the wheel must be half asleep most of the time. Oh, hang on…

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it's just a Honda cart-wheeling down Pikes Peak

I'd imagine this would be close to one of the last things on your mind during a Pikes Peak race.

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How to get a motorcycle up a ladder

How do you get a motorcycle onto the roof of a bus? Just use your head

AN Indian man climbs a ladder with a motorcycle balanced on top of his head in a video posted on YouTube, begging one question: WTF?

We don't mind admitting we're impressed.

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Video: Why the bike test includes a swerve exercise

One day you might be glad you had to do that avoidance manoeuvre...

SOME reports are calling this rider lucky. We think he has excellent avoidance skills to thank. 

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Video: How not to take revenge

The rider looks really annoyed. He will be now

WE bet this rider is wishing he’d taken a deep breath and counted to 10 instead of losing his temper with a car driver.

Video shows the moment the motorcyclist lashed out with his leg at a Ford Fiesta, only to catch his foot the car’s wing mirror and go tumbling off his bike.

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Lit Motors C-1

The bike equivalent of a Weeble

Ever wondered what you get if you cross a Ducati 916 with a small car? No? I hadn’t either to be honest but it would appear you get an ‘untippable’ motorcycle. Hopefully you can at least tip it into corners…

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Spiderman motorcycle crash

Spiderman paintjob, toilet lid seat cowl, throttle blip overkill and multiple stalls. Was it ever going to turn out any other way?

The dreaded U-turn strikes again.

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Video Review: Yamaha MT-125

We test Yamaha's smart but aggressive MT-125 on the streets of Barcelona

Read our more in-depth review here

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101 to 110 of 1,839 blog posts