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Look, look, then look again. Then pull out regardless.

Motorcycle instructor fail

LOOKS like this chap had a lucky escape. Oh to be a fly on the wall at the post-ride debriefing.

Video: Ay, caramba! Extreme Colombian filtering

KTM Duke 390 rider takes a few calculated risks

IF you think your commute to work is frantic and fast-paced then watch this KTM Duke 390 owner in Colombia take filtering to the next level.

It's safe to say he's probably not Medellin's chief IAM instructor and we counted more than a couple of missed lifesaver looks. 

He's must have had an ...  Continue reading


Video: Extreme Russian river crossing

Is that a Ural or a speedboat?

WE'VE seen some ballsy riding in our time but these Russians crossing a raging river on a pair of Ural outfits deserve serious respect.

At one stage the water completely submerges the bikes but the undaunted riders keep the throttle pinned and somehow navigate safely to the bank.

Never mind the helmets, these ...  Continue reading


Video: Polish bike cop wheelies into action

Bike cop launches a pursuit in style

THIS bike cop in the Polish city of GdaƄsk was allegedly caught on camera popping a wheelie as they began a pursuit.

Of course, we're sure it was all a complete accident caused by a pressing desire to uphold the law... but all the same, we can't help but admire the effortless style ...  Continue reading


Video: Bike cop busting drivers on mobile phones

Mobile phone offenders caught on camera

THERE is something so satisfying about this video - particularly for any biker who has nearly been side-swiped, T-boned or rear-ended by a driver yapping away obliviously on a mobile phone.

An Australian bike cop rides around Perth looking for drivers using their mobile phones at the wheel... safe to say he ...  Continue reading


Bike wrecked, sense of humour intact

Double spill on group ride out

THIS American biker might be down on the deck but he's not too sore to crack a joke and reassure his anxious friend.

The biker filming this double crash on a group ride-out says both spills were not serious and nobody was badly injured.

Crazy scooter police chase

One stolen scooter, one angry cop and the busy streets of Taiwan

A SUSPECTED scooter thief in Taiwan tries every trick in the book to outrun this determined cop.

On the streets of one of the most densely populated islands in the world the flip-flopped fleeing rider makes erratic turns, rides against oncoming traffic and takes risks that can only end in getting T-boned ...  Continue reading


Video: Is this the world's worst SMIDSY?

Lorry driver on wrong side of road wipes out Monster

IS this the world's worst SMIDSY? The poor Ducati Monster that bore the brunt of the wide-cornering lorry probably thinks so.

The biker pulls up to a junction when a lorry turns off the main road on a wide line and crushes the bike beneath its wheels. Fortunately the biker leaps clear ...  Continue reading


Video: Bear scare for bikers

No picnic in the woods for ambushed trail riders

T-BONING a 500kg brown bear might just be the most unpleasant SMIDSY imaginable, as these Russian trail riders nearly discovered.

Don't get us wrong, it's not much fun when a dozy driver in a Mondeo pulls out of a junction without looking... but at least they don't eat you afterwards.

Fair play to ...  Continue reading


Video: road rage driver fail

Road rage backfires for punch-throwing driver

A DRIVER loses his cool followed by his footing and any dignity after swinging punches at a motorcyclist in this video from the US.

The car driver approaches the motorcyclist at traffic lights, throws punches and shoves his girlfriend pillion passenger before the rider is forced to pin the assailant to the ...  Continue reading


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