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Allen Millyard's 'SS180' V-twin

Two C90 cylinders give Honda SS50 80mph top speed

BERKSHIRE-based mechanical engineer Allen Millyard has just posted a clip on YouTube of his latest project, a Honda ‘SS180’ V-twin using a 1975 C90 engine with an extra cylinder.

The result is essentially an SS50 that goes 80mph.

Millyard is famous for outlandish builds like the Continue reading


Video: Motorcycle drift racing

Will 2016 be the year that motorcycle drift racing becomes a proper thing?

IS 2016 the year that motorcycle drift racing become a fully fledged sport in its own right? If the guys from the Superbike Drift championship have their say, then yes.

Born in 2015, the series kick off again in Nice on March 12 with what looks like a simple, effective recipe: go ...  Continue reading


Video: This is how you do a stoppie

A stunt with a twist from Hawaii

CHECK out this top class stoppie from a stuntman in Hawaii - he manages to put himself through the passenger window of a car, without needing an ambulance afterwards. The pillion is a bit of a dummy for agreeing to jump on the back though...

Jeremy Vine posts video of 'attempted motorbike theft'

‘Brazen attempt to steal motorbikes’ by four scooter riders

RADIO host Jeremy has uploaded this CCTV footage of an ‘attempt to steal motorbikes’ from outside his neighbour’s home in Chiswick, west London, at 5am.  

The clip shows four riders pull up on two scooters before two of them begin removing the covers from three parked motorcycles.

The pillion passenger of the ...  Continue reading


Video: A lap of the Isle of Man with John McGuinness

On board with the Morecambe Missile for the first lap of the Senior race at the 2015 TT

SITTING comfortably? Got something to hold on to? Good, then let John McGuinness take you for a 2015 Senior TT-winning furious first lap round the Isle of Man.

Viral video: Got a pilot's licence for that?

Flying economy class - by scooter

IT'S nice to see the spirit of Evel Knievel kept alive, however unintentionally.

This clip was posted on YouTube three days ago by a user who wrote underneath: 'I believe I can fly.'

Well, it's not aviation not as we would hope for but yes, that was a voyage through the air, and ...  Continue reading


Video: How to deal with parking barriers

It was all going so well...

THIS scooter rider is so close to creatively escaping a car park without paying or falling off. She can't ride round the barrier so decides to do a bit of scooter limbo to get under it. Smooth. But gassing it straight over the road, mounting the pavement and crashing? Not so ...  Continue reading


Not Hollywood: the craziest real-life motorcycle chase you’ve ever seen

Like Grand Theft Auto, but no game

A VIDEO has emerged showing a South African motorcycle cop shooting at suspects in a car from his bike in the sort of chase that you’d normally only see in movies or computer games.

While you’ve got to question the safety of shooting wildly from the back of a bike, the cop in ...  Continue reading


Video: Escaping the fuzz in France

On a bike that's been turned into a plane... sort of

BRACE yourself, this madcap police chase is gritty stuff.

We're not really sure what's going on but the video but it's got a bit of everything - a bike that shoots flames out of the exhaust, a police chase, a winged Z800 that flies (er... almost) and a police officer giving his ZX-10R ...  Continue reading


Ever wondered why some people spend a life riding the world? Watch this

35,000 miles in 14 minutes with postie-bike adventurer Nathan Millward

MOTORCYCLE adventure videos are all over YouTube but we can’t remember one as engaging as this.

Nathan Millward gives a captivating insight into his motives for riding 35,000 miles from Sydney to Alaska on a 105cc Aussie post bike. If you’ve ever wondered what possesses some people to spend ...  Continue reading


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