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Ever wondered why some people spend a life riding the world? Watch this

35,000 miles in 14 minutes with postie-bike adventurer Nathan Millward

MOTORCYCLE adventure videos are all over YouTube but we can’t remember one as engaging as this.

Nathan Millward gives a captivating insight into his motives for riding 35,000 miles from Sydney to Alaska on a 105cc Aussie post bike. If you’ve ever wondered what possesses some people to spend ...  Continue reading


Police motorcycle stunt fail

Maybe stick to trying to keep the roads safe, eh fellas

NOT sure we'd be queuing up for a Bike Safe course in Brazil after seeing this performance. Lesson one: watch me as I... wo, woah, WAAHHH! 

Video: driver slaps filtering rider in the face

'Happy slap' on London's Kew Bridge

A DRIVER reaches out from his Range Rover and slaps an oncoming scooter rider in the face in this video posted on YouTube.

The rider was filtering through traffic on Kew Bridge in London when the driver, heading in the opposite direction, stuck his hand out of the window.

The video has been published ...  Continue reading


Video: Don't try this at home

How did he think it would end?

WHEN the weather gets worse and options are limited, there's only one place to ride - in the house... obviously.

Video: Yamaha's MT-09 three-wheeler in action

See Yamaha's MT-09-powered leaning trike ridden

HERE'S the first look at Yamaha's MT-09-powered leaning three-wheeler in action. 

Called the MWT-9, using an engine derived from the MT-09's 847cc triple, the concept was unveiled yesterday at the Tokyo Motor Show

Driver swerves into motorcyclists, then says ‘I don’t care’

‘You will care,’ answers filming rider

A DRIVER is caught swerving into an overtaking motorcycle, then saying ‘I don’t care’ in this helmet camera footage from Texas.

Eric Sanders and his pillion were thrown across the road and into a field when the car veered left and struck them as they attempted to pass.

In the Continue reading


Video: five minutes at Rossi's ranch

Get ready to be jealous

WE think we just saw heaven.

But if we were still on top in MotoGP after all these years, we'd expect four tracks of our own, too. 

The sweetest Suzaki we've ever seen

This is the bike we've been waiting for

Fair play, those are some serious modifications.

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Ronnie Pickering round-up

Who is Ronnie Pickering? Are you serious?

WHO is Ronnie Pickering? Millions have found out in the last couple of days thanks to the former amateur boxer’s row with a scooter rider.  

If you haven’t seen the road rage incident, you can watch it here

But it’s the dozens of subsequent YouTube parodies that ...  Continue reading


Honda 'Paper' advert

Another clever ad from Honda

WE wouldn't normally feature an advert in the Viral section, but this is Honda's latest, and as far as ads go, they're usually quite good.

This one's called 'Paper' and it takes you through six decades of Honda design using animation and hand drawn illustrations. It's not completely about bikes (they feature ...  Continue reading


1 to 10 of 1,859 blog posts