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The Honda MSX125 with an 1199 Panigale engine

There is no possibility this is not a brilliant idea

IS it real? We hope so. 

The video was posted on a Thai YouTube channel with the simple message: 'Honda MSX125 with Ducati 1199 Panigale engine.' 

For once, we don't want the first test ride. 

You can never see too many wheelie fails

Especially 250cc cruiser wheelie fails

THE first rule of the Cool 250 Cruiser Wheelie Club is there are no members of the Cool 250 Cruiser Wheelie Club.  

Road rage. America. Guns. Of course.

Oh, and throw idiots into the mix as well

IT SEEMS that two things are fast becoming standard kit for American road users – cameras and guns.

Not long ago we saw what happens when the two are combined and here we’ve got another example.

We start with a group of riders/squids going a tad too ...  Continue reading


Launch. Control?

'That's not what it's supposed to do'

WE can't help but feel sorry for drag racer Brett Ghedina because after flipping his bike in front of the spectators at Perth Motorplex, the commentator then subjects him to a replay on the massive screen behind the start line before he presumably hobbles off to be along with his damaged pride.

Video: Three-wheeled leaning Z1000

Mullholland Highway vs Kawasaki reverse trike

YAMAHA keeps threatening to build a tilting three-wheeler with a proper engine, but these chaps have already done it.

US firm Tremoto puts its three-wheeled Kawasaki Z1000 to the test of LA’s Mullholland Highway and its infamous Snake Pass in a video posted on YouTube.

A ...  Continue reading


Road rage London-style

These two aren't friends

WE don't know what happened before the start of this video to explain why the scooter rider is facing the wrong way on the A40, but we're guessing it involves the driver of the silver Vauxhall Astra who deliberately reverses in to him.

Video: Texas cop 'pepper-sprays' group of passing riders

Risk-assess that

A TEXAS police officer has been put on administrative duties while an investigation is conducted into this video which appears to show him pepper-spraying passing motorcyclists.  

The helmet camera footage appears to show Officer W. Figueroa get out of a patrol car and spray a group of riders as they pass ...  Continue reading


Can't think why this video is trending

'Sheared Beaver' jacket review proves unexpected hit

JUST don't try searching for this jacket on Google. Or asking for it at your local bike dealer. 

Video: Record-breaking burnout

Think you're good at rolling burnouts? Think again.

ALRIGHT so it's a bit of PR to promote the new Victory Octane, but this record breaking 2.23-mile record burnout isn’t to be sniffed at.

It was set on February 29 at the Orlando Speed World oval and is officiated by Guiness world records - hence the guy in the suit who looks ...  Continue reading


Video: 'I'm in a good mood so far. Please slow down'

'You got it'

WE'VE brought you a few videos showing US cops being a tad heavy-handed with motorcyclists. Luckily for the guy in this video, they can be nice, too. Fist-bump.

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