Ride Like Mackenzie: Track Tactics

Mackenzie passes on his Grand Prix level knowledge on how to get the most out of track riding, and safely

Posted: 11 December 2002
by Niall Mackenzie

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I guess mainly we're talking about trackdays here and we'll start right at the beginning too so even if you've never done one before we'll cover all you could possibly need to know. We'll also get into some more advanced riding techniques while we're at it for all you seasoned trackday veterans or club racers looking to shave those last fractions off your lap times. Basically, whatever level you're at, as long as you want to learn, I promise I can make you faster.

So, track riding then. What's the secret? Well for me it's all about organisation which suits me down to the ground. After all I like everything in my life to be pretty orderly, as my wife Jan will testify. She knows the Mackenzie Wednesday night routine - 7pm and it's by the bed, 7.01, kit off, 7.02, brace yourself love... Aye, I'm an old romantic at heart. Anyway, I've always put the same orderly approach to track riding and racing and it doesn't seem to have done me any harm.

The key to sussing a track and putting together a perfect lap is all about building a picture of the place in your mind with a series of reference points. For each corner you have your braking point, turn in point, apex, and exit and as you build these up around a circuit then a good lap's just a case of stringing them altogether.

But it takes a good few trackdays and experience to build up to this stage so in the tradition of all the best stories, let us begin at the beginning...

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