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Visordown’s website is the UK's biggest motorcycle community, we're glad you're here.

Visordown.com brings you the best of biking online including the latest news, blogs and video. We also ride the latest bikes in road tests, how-to features, new and used bikes listings and buyer's guides from respected journalists, including Niall Mackenzie and Jamie Whitham. Visit our motorcycle features section for the latest first ride reports and features.

Visordown's website started in 2000 and it's an open book that's constantly being written. You can chat to other bikers, read the latest news and road tests, rate your bike and upload pictures to your own gallery.

Visordown reflects the reasons we got into biking; fun, freedom and discovery. Visordown has become the UK's leading independent motorcycle site and you can also check out the best road tests, features and columns in our magazine. Right now you'll find over 5 million posts, posted by bikers. The information is in-depth, searchable, interactive and always up to date.